A Year Later … He Has PV But PV Does Not Have Him

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Here we go again, a year after Ed’s last phlebotomy for Polycythemia Vera, he will receive another phlebotomy next week.

We knew it was coming. Many signs were leading up to lab work being performed a month sooner. 

Ed was experiencing an increase in his fatigue, weakness, headaches, muscle aches, and even anxiety. He has become more restless and very unfocused. Ed often blames these symptoms on his lack of exercise. Thankfully the itchiness has subsided.

I imagine it is exceptionally difficult to not only have a blood cancer but to also feel in some ways defeated often, when you were used to living a life of hiking, camping, biking, etc.

This is just a speed bump, not the end of the road. There will be speed bumps along the way. Unfortunately with illnesses and disease come trials. There are going to be good days and not so good days.

He will get through this, once the phlebotomy is complete, Ed will feel so much better. He will have more energy typically. He will have a month follow up with his MPN and additional labs at that time.

If for any reason he needs another phlebotomy during his follow up visit, it will be done on that day. Once we know more, I will update the blog. An increase in lab visits and phlebotomies will hopefully lower the symptoms Ed is experiencing and lower the risk of Ed being prescribed Hydrea (a chemotherapy medication) again.

It has been an entire year since the last phlebotomy! He made it another year.

Praise God!

I will continue to pray for his health, mental and physical well being. I have a big God and I expect big miracles. 

Thank each of you that continue to pray with me!

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