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Small businesses usually begin as a dream. A family dream, an individual’s dream, an idea to be self-sufficient.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are hurting beyond belief. In my area alone, I am seeing regular businesses shutting down and it’s very frightening, disheartening and sad.

Most of the companies which I have used or have relationships with are closing. For how long? I am not sure. Is anyone? Will, they even re-open?

Hair salons – The stylists rely on tips mainly. What do they do?

Cleaning businesses – They rely on regular clients and new clients. The regular clients are losing their jobs, this means they are canceling their services. The new business is down to zero because it is not a necessary service right now.

Restaurants and bars/ grills are closing – The waiters and waitresses also rely on tips. What are they surviving on?

These are just a small portion of small businesses. I think about the photographers, the artists, the dog walkers, the pet groomers, not to mention the childcare workers.

The government is offering relief for some small businesses, not all qualify. The application is lengthy, the process is long.


My concerns for these individuals and the small businesses are not only the financial hardships they will face, but it is also the mental effects it will have on them, the physical stressors, the isolation alone is hard.

I ask that if you can continue supporting your small businesses somehow, in some way, even if they are temporarily closed. Please send your stylist a monetary gift. Work with your cleaning service if they need to change your appointment, ask them if they can temporarily reduce your rate, they are likely willing to work with you. Contact your regular hang-out spots and ask if you can make a donation. Buy a gift card to use for later. Continue to pay your membership fees if you have a membership (to a small gym maybe or daycare worker).

Various free ways to promote small businesses are simple: share their social sites, share your experiences, write reviews, and word of mouth.

Food delivery services are advertising free deliveries, find out if your favorite restaurants are participants.

Do what you can. Be kind. It is a stressful time for everyone right now!

small business1

Don’t forget to say “THANK YOU”

Many people are risking their lives right to keep our world on track as much as possible. 



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