Odd Inventions

Faced with the “lockdown” and in “quarantine”, it becomes quite depressing watching the same news over and over.

I love Google. Everyone knows this. I love fun facts and weird facts, images, GIFS, and sharing all of this in my blogs whenever possible.

For today, how about we look at just a few “different” inventions?

These are quite interesting. Several could be useful. Others, I am, well confused. 

Let the fun begin!

I can see these inventions being useful. I would probably purchase them or at least entertain the idea

⇑ The Couch Bed – YESSSSS ⇑

pizza fork

⇑ The Fork Pizza Roller – YESSS ⇑

corner frames

⇑ Corner Picture Frames – Why Not? ⇑

hamburger bed

⇑ Maybe Just For Fun – The Cheeseburger Bed? ⇑


Now What’s Happening Down Here?

scratch head

I am definitely not quite sure what inspired these ideas. Do you think they sell?

May I present the first item of, HUH?

⇓ The Sweeper and Dust Pan Slides ⇓

sweep shoes

Our second item would be the canned tarantula 

edible tarantula

I bet no one thought about ordering the glow in the dark toilet paper

glow in dark toilet paper

But why? The Duck Muzzle for Your Dog

Is anyone interested at all in the Walking Bike?

foot powered bike

I will give some credit here, this is a little genius I admit

The Hybrid Scooter Stroller – For Parents Really On The Go

stroller scooter

I Just Can’t


Did Anyone See This Coming?

hairy leg stocking

Yes, these are hairy leggings

Now On To A Few Comical and Cute Ideas

baby mop

Put your baby to work on your dirty floors & then wonder why they are sick? NO!

square watermelons

Because Square Watermelons Are Easier To Slice

fish toilet

How Relaxing To See An Aquarium In The Back Of Your Toilet. Do the magical fish flush or swim?

nothing gift

For That Person In Your Life Who Has Literally Everything, You Can Give The Gift Of Nothing!



Strange Fact



Hopefully you received a laugh 



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