Sharing Ed’s Photography

Slideshow by Edward Hamway Photography

After months of asking to share Ed’s photography, he finally agreed. Some are older and very few are new. Ed does have a few Canon cameras; however these photos were captured with the Canon 6 D. Due to the intense fatigue that has kicked into high gear over the last couple of months, we have not been out to explore. The photographs taken by Ed on the last couple of adventures to The Natural Bridge, Westmoreland State Park, Wakefield, George Washington’s Birthplace, and Blue Ridge Parkway are still being sorted through slowly. I am hopeful to share those very soon.

Ed is exceedingly critical of his work. I subjectively think his photographs are beautiful. He often teases me and proclaims that I am much like his mother and would love any photo he captured. That’s not exactly true, although, in many ways I am much like his mother, I do take that as a compliment, I give my opinion on my favorites, the remainder, I just say very little about.

Ed’s knack for photography is nature based. He is drawn to and inspired by the mountains, dead trees, and water falls. I try to encourage him to go beyond his comfort zone, beauty and wonder are everywhere you look. That’s just not Ed’s style. Every artist has there own niche.

The goal is for Ed to launch his own business. As of last night, he finally came up with the business name. We are currently reviewing sites, such as “Square Space”, among others, in our efforts of advertising with the intent to sell Ed’s photography. These photo based sites may be a great asset to his business. We have the ability to take orders via our blog. We even have the option of having the photos produced on metal, acrylic and canvas.

I am very much excited to see what the winter holds and how the beauty of the white snow is captured in Ed’s photographs.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce a variety of photographs from  Edward Hamway Photography 

Let the slideshow begin, after you will find each photograph individually

If you have an  interest in purchasing a PDF copy, print, canvas, metal print, or acrylic print, please contact me directly for pricing or check out our “SHOP HERE” page!

Slideshow by Edward Hamway Photography

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Individual Photographs by Edward Hamway Photography



“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.”
– Annie Leibovitz


I hope you have enjoyed the beauty of Edward Hamway Photography and consider making a purchasing.

Until next time friends, have a wonderful one. Don’t forget to share, subscribe and reply

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