Edward Hamway Photography

Currently, until we are able to choose a photo site for advertisement and sales purposes, Ed’s photos will be individually posted here on our blog. Each time new photos are uploaded, we will notify our followers.

This is not the savviest of ways to unveil the beautiful photography; however, we are just beginning. We will find new ways to advertise while keeping in mind that our followers and potential customers, require ease and convenience. Please bare with us through this process and thank you.

Each photo is named and then our pricing chart will follow. If you are interested in purchasing, all purchase requests should be emailed to

Please include the photo number and description and the size or process you have chosen. We will then send you an invoice via PayPal.

All PayPal orders will include applicable sales tax and shipping charges.

Product Descriptions for each photo:

  1. Waterfall 1
  2. Railroad
  3. Black bear 1
  4. Interior of Building
  5. Snowy Bridge
  6. Bird on Snowy Branch 1
  7. Tortoises
  8. Waterfall 2
  9. RVA Bridge
  10. Cemetary
  11. Dead Tree
  12. Ravens Roost Night 1 (dark)
  13. Black Bear 2
  14. Sunset 1
  15. Yellow Field of Flowers
  16. Bird on Snowy Branch 2
  17. Ravens Roost Night 2 (light)
  18. Purple Flower 1
  19. Purple Flower 2
  20. Butterfly 1
  21. Butterfly 2
  22. Purple Flower 3
  23. Sunset 2
  24. Sunset 3

Pricing as Follows:

  • JPG File for your limited use $50
  • 12 x 14  $30
  • 8 X 10  $20
  • 5 x 7  $10
  • Custom orders for metal, acrylic, canvas vary – please inquire as to size via email

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