Ankle Instability – Trauma Drama

Ankle Instability – Trauma Drama

Geez what a day! Needless to say while trying to enjoy a walk with my oldest grandson on a 64 degree sunny day, turned into a colossal mess.

I have known since middle school that my left ankle was not stable. It all began with a sprained ankle when I stepped down off of a porch step. From that day on I have sprained my left ankle probably 8-9 times in addition to breaking bones in my left foot approximately 5-6 times.

It happens from walking in flat shoes, on flat surfaces, in shoes with absolutely no ankle support. At any point, I could just be standing and my left ankle will give out!

On to what happened during our walk. We began our walk around the back of the apartments, in the grassy area. We were observing where our favorite tree had just been removed from falling onto the apartment due to a recent snow and ice storm. We then headed around front to the sidewalk area towards the tennis court. As we approached the tennis court, we have to step off of the sidewalk slightly and on to the pavement of the parking area. It’s just a slight step down.

As I stepped down in normal motion, things were not so normal! BAMM, down I go. I heard my left ankle pop twice and before I knew it, I was flat on the ground face first. My ankle area was swelling, but, there was additional pain. In my right foot I felt excruciating pain. My toe and my ankle area in the same general spot as the left ankle area was swelling. How would I get up? How would I walk back to my apartment? How would I walk up the stairs?

My thumb on my left hand was gashed open and bleeding, my right palm scraped, my right knee scraped, my phone screen protector was also busted.

By the grace of God, with much prayer and help from Liam, who was visibly shaken up and scared, I slowly made it back to the apartment and up the stairs. I iced my left ankle as the right toe and ankle swelling continued to rise.

My daughter in law was on her way to pick up Liam. I explained to her what happened. Instead of waking Ed up, since he works a 12 hour overnight shift, she opted to take me to urgent care. It was there where I was wheeled in with a wheelchair.

Now, granted this was my second trip to the same urgent care facility for the day, as I had a COVID test performed earlier that day out of precaution. I was slightly exposed on Sunday and quarantined. I made sure to wear a mask around Liam and Dayana the entire time.

On with the trauma drama! The X-ray technician completed 6 x-rays, 3 on each foot. The preliminary results came back. I have sprained both ankle areas (below the actual ankle and more in the tendon and ligament area. See photos for a better visual), and I have a broken big toe on the right foot!

I am completely out of commission for 6-8 weeks. I am in pain, I am upset with my body, I wish I would have allowed the orthopedic doctor perform surgery as he suggested in 2019 when the same ankle sprain happened.

During that time period I was on Remicade infusions every 4 weeks, it was hard to have surgery and go off of treatment at the same time. The ligaments and tendons in my left foot are so stretched, surgery is the only way to prevent this from happening over and over again. I am willing to take the risk at this point. I have messaged my rheumatologist and my orthopedic doctor. I am praying that I am able to be seen, at least by televisit this week and I have further x-ray results.

So there you have my trauma drama!

Once I am healed enough to walk, I will have to purchase shoes for ankle support. As of now, I have a support boot on the left foot and a medical shoe on the right foot (with my toes taped up so they do not touch).

I pray that no one experiences this.



Ankle instability happens when the outside part of the ankle constantly “gives out” when putting weight it, especially when you’re running or walking on uneven surfaces. It can even happen when you’re standing. People with ankle instability often complain that the ankle feels wobbly or unstable. Because the condition is reoccurring, it is also known as chronic ankle instability.


Chronic ankle instability is usually caused by an ankle sprain that has not healed properly. During a sprain, the ligaments in your ankle may have been stretched or torn, and when they healed it resulted in weaker and “stretched out” ligaments. Individuals who participate in activities that involve the ankle, such as ballet and gymnastics or high-intensity sports like basketball or football, are at higher risk for chronic ankle instability. Those who suffer from repeated ankle sprains are also at risk for ankle instability.

Additional information

Photos to depict the ankle injuries and broken toe

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