2020 Reflections

Reflecting on 2020

Many have posted on their reflections of 2020 and how it was the worst year of their lives. Was it really?

I’ve had many bad years in my life. I truly cannot look at 2020 and say it was the worst year yet. There were many great things that happened in 2020.

My granddaughter to my oldest son was born healthy in June

I made a move from the city to the county

Although my health was up and down, I was blessed to find a new rheumatologist

I started my Rituxan infusions again

I found a new neurologist, primarily care doctor, and pain management doctor

Ed’s health has maintained on a steady level and we continue to be able to see his MPN at UVA

Ed’s photography is slowly turning into realestate photography

My two Pastors survived COVID

My daughter in law (friend) and her boyfriend survived COVID

MY step dad and step mother survived COVID

Ed and I have grown closer and we continue to work on communication

I am learning not to let other people’s action or opinions affect me

I had several great conversations with my youngest son

My grandchildren and children remained safe and healthy

Ed’s family is my family and we have grown closer, time apart has really showed me how important they are to us

I’ve continued to maintain the support of my psychologist and psychiatrist

Ed was lucky enough to keep his job and be in a position to work remote

Amongst all of the chaos in the world that has affected all of us and taken the lives of many, there were many lessons to learn. Lessons of who is important. Who will be there for you. How to better care for yourself. Prayer is important. Division is not the answer. Be grateful, thankful, count your blessings.

Life will bring us trials and heart aches. It is all in our outlook. I choose to continue to work towards a brighter outlook, to work on being a better me, I know kindness matters, material things do not.

Be resilient, be loving, be caring, be selfless, check on people that you think do not need you. Offer help to those who you may think do not need it. One kind word can change a person’s day.

Do not make unrealistic resolutions, do not allow religion, politics, or gender discussions harm your friendships or relationships. If they do, those friendships were never worth having in the first place.

I’m truly sorry and my heart goes out to everyone that has faced hardship and struggles in 2020. I did my best to donate to causes, charities, and those in need.

I pray 2021 brings unity, healing, blessings, love, peace, and kindness.

Accept our differences and also embrace them.

I pray for cures for COVID, cancer, invisible illnesses, and better health and financial stability for all.

I pray that the racial discrimination will cease. The ignorance will stop. The hate will dissipate.

I have many prayers for 2021.

God bless and I hope you all have a Happy 2021!!!

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  1. Those are definitely blessings! 2020 has been a wild ride but it could’ve been a lot worse. I’m thankful that we survived it. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2021!


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