On The Mountain Top

Stranded on the mountain top with not a soul in sight
Gazing into the valley, I begin to panic, sensing fear and fright
Screaming very loudly, “is anyone else there”?
Breaking down and crying, beginning not to care
Night times a falling, the suns beginning to set
I think of all the places I have yet to travel, the people I have not met
I wonder how I got here, how I will get down
Stranded on this mountain top, my breath, the only sound
Begging for forgiveness for all the sins I’ve committed along the way
I felt shamed,  forsaken, abandoned , all emotions at play
Every step I take weakens me, no strength I have to go on
Yet a little voice inside of me is saying “just stay clam”
The temperature is dropping and I’m beginning to freeze
Instantaneous, a feeling of peace, my heart is set at ease
A light shines before me, appearing from above
Warm arms placed around, I am now wrapped in love
My burdens appear to be lifted, the nightmare seems to pass
Hours ago my hope was lost and so questions I had left to ask
I raise my head and quint my eyes, wondering what I will find
Was I dreaming or losing my mind?
Maybe I was dying, an angel had come for me
Giving me the peace I yearned for, coming to set me free
I closed my eyes once again and opened once more

No longer on that mountain top looking so far down

Deep in the valley, standing on solid ground
I drop to my knees and begin to pray out loud
The skies are now clear, not even one cloud
A voice begins to speak to me, “my child never fret”
“Remember always, I am with you, I have never left”
“Forgive yourself as I have, so many times”
“Don’t doubt my intentions, banish the worries from your mind”
“In your heart are the answers that you seem to seek”
“You had them all along at the top of that mountain peak”
“Forgive others for their trespasses as you have been forgiven for the same”
“My child, open your heart to others, do not act out in vain”
“When you feel your load is heavy, burdens you cannot bear”
“Dig a little deeper, as I am always there”
“I have given my life, for you and all mankind to be saved”
“When this physical world is shattered, I ask that you be brave”
“Tell all in suffering that there will come a day”
“Open your arms to comfort them, showing then the way”
“Pain will be felt no more, starvation will not exist”
“The heavens above are filled with love and everlasting bliss”
“Think not what you leave behind on this earth of evilness and sin”
“Be thankful for the road you have traveled and a new life will begin”
“You will question me no more, your troubles will be less”
“I guarantee you will look upon this time and know that you were blessed”
“Always there beside you, hearing as you pray”
“Not only at this moment, for lifetime, never leading you astray”

©Emmely Byrd 2010

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