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Colorful Chaos The Journey

This blog covers various topics and issues. Some are personal in nature. Before publishing each blog, WE (both Ed and I), have discussed the content. We both have given permissible use!

Not everything is always in black and white. Join us on our journey as we battle incurable invisible illnesses. We are seeking mental freedom as we prepare to unwind and unravel amongst nature. Raising awareness for Polycythemia Vera and Invisible Illnesses such as Mental Health, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, along with a variety of other “silent” struggles that we may deal with along the way, will be a focal point for us.
We are not going to let these illnesses hold us down, even if this means dying on the road, we will live while dying!

During our journey we need support. The support of each other, family, friends, followers, readers!
Join us along the way as our lives take twists and turns.

Dying to Live, What’s the Plan?

What led to the RV decision you may ask? Great question. We are both sick, yes, that sounds absolutely insane, right? Two sick people wanting to live in an RV and travel […]