A Different Version of Us – You Don’t Know Everything

When the world feels crazy, I’m lucky to have someone to put me at ease. I’m grateful that someone gets my weird habits, my “Jessica Simpson” moments, and sometimes even the melt downs.

At several points in my life, mainly most of my life, I questioned my “love ability”.

With Ed it’s different. I’ve learned patience, I’ve learned compromise, boundaries, how to build a foundation for a future. We have goals. Not just going out to party, call me for a good time, let’s be together for finances!

We want a life. It has taken a very long time to get here. So many set backs in life. Countless wrong turns, bad choices, decisions I wish were different, but we are here! God brought us together through heartaches, suitcases full of emotional baggage, and some financial, yet we do our best to keep our relationship private, discreet, and respectful.

Too many think we are people that we are not. They know old versions of us. They know the single Ed, the married Ed, the party Ed, just Ted! Or the married Emm, single Emm, workaholic Emm, party Emm!

So many different versions of us at different chapters of our lives. Those chapters are just that. The pages have turned. They are memories.

We are not those people anymore. When someone says “oh, that person can’t change “. I’m here to tell you, that statement is SO wrong.

We have evolved, grown, and changed, in many ways from the time we met, until the time we began dating, throughout the course of our relationship.

It’s all been worth it. So far, every step.

Everyone holds on to that “version ” they knew of us during the past, never giving a second thought to who we now are.

You don’t know the couple that we are. Reminiscing about the “good ‘ole days” can be laughable, however, sometimes, we just need to move forward and in into the future.

I don’t live in the past any longer. I don’t recognize that Emmely from even 3 years ago, much less 5, 10, even 20.

I’m proud of the couple we are. The trust we’ve built. Our friendship, our communication, our plans, our everything.

Please, next time you think you know something about us, you might want to question what year it was you are thinking about or what phase or chapter that was in our lives. See, we have truly moved on. Our future is bright!

If you are still in our lives, take the time to get to know this version of us. Who we are today. The love we share. The laughs we share. The goals we have. We may not announce them on social media, but, if you are our true friends, you will get answers to your questions !

I am looking so forward to all of the today’s and tomorrow’s. My heart is full of hope, joy, peace, faith, happiness, and love.

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I plan on stepping up the future writing. What are your interests?

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