My Power Port Surgery

Hello, Everyone.

I received my BARD power port on July 22, 2021. specifically for RA INFUSIONS. Yes, I also take methotrexate, which is chemotherapy, also used in rheumatoid arthritis patients, however, when on antibiotics I can’t.


Honestly it was the worst surgery I’ve had thus far!

Something was wrong with the vein near my collar bone (plan A), therefore, the surgeon had to go through the jugular (plan B).

Waking up from surgery was unbearable.


I was coughing up blood, my entire left lung, chest, and neck hurt extremely bad. I let the nurse know. She told me everything was normal.

I was release from the hospital. By 10:00 pm, I was in the phone with the surgeon’s on call doctor who was telling me yo go yo the ER immediately. My symptoms were the same as when as left the hospital, except my breathing was worse. It was harder to breathe.

By 10:43 pm on July 22, 2021, I was admitted to the hospital. My blood clot factor was high. An X-Ray and a CT Scan confirmed Theresa’s a 5mm puncture in my lung that happened during surgery. The puncture was not seen on the X-Ray upon surgery release.

After spending the night between the emergency room and critical care intensive care units at the hospital, I was released the evening of July 23, 2021.

I was only given pain meds once in over a 18 hour hospital stay, no food, the nurse in the CCU/ICU could not remember if she had given me insulin or not, a doctor never visited, I was not given fluids, I only received one X-Ray at approximately 10 am. The nurse practitioner came in about 12:42 pm and stated I was being released.

I was left clueless as to what was going on or what to expect honestly. I was not going to ask further questions there based on the lack of treatment I had received and the lack of communication between the ER and CCU/ ICU during my transfer.

On July 26, 2021, I rested as normal, I completed by breathing exercises, I only took one pain pill, I did do a little activity around the house. I also went to bet about 6:00 pm. I only woke up once in the middle of the night and did not fully wake up until 11:30 am on July 27, 2021.

During the night (or morning), when I woke up, I was coughing blood again shad tightness in my chest.

I called the surgeon’s office at 11:45 am and I was told to immediately go to the ER where he was in call.

I was taken back for an X-RAY, a CT-Scan, and blood work. After 12 needles and an ultrasound machine, the nurses were able to finally enter a good vein.

It was found on the X-ray that the 5 mm puncture was now a 3mm puncture. This was good news, however, what the previous hospital did not tell me was that there was also fluid on my lung. My doctor explained to me that the exact source and areas of pain were coming from one (at my collar bone/ clavicle) the puncture and two, the fluid was at the bottom of my lung. Then when I breathe it makes it more painful.

The results of the cat scan showed lung bruising and early pneumonia. I was given an antibiotic and released.

I have instructions of what to look for as worsening conditions and a follow up next week.

This is such a frightening experience, so frightening, I’m afraid to use the port when it does heal.

I will keep everyone informed.

Also, per my surgeon, there is only a 1-2% chance of a puncture to the lung during port surgery. Lucky me! Hey, at least I’m able to share my experience right? Those silver linings keep coming. One day I’ll hit the gold pot!

Until then, like, share, follow, and comment.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, I bought two port pillows for my seat belts, I’ll need these once I’m able to drive!

Below image is an example of the Bard Power Port from Google

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