Power Port

Yes you heard that correctly! I said power port, not power point.

As I prepare for my upcoming surgery, I still feel uneasy and unsure. I think about all that can go wrong. Normally I’m not like this. This particular surgery deals specifically with the major arteries and veins, that significantly worries me.

Of course, knowing me, yes I’ve watched videos, read as many articles as possible, and researched the procedure, along with the different ports.

My port is called a “power port”. It will be shaped like a triangle, placed under the left collarbone area, the tubes will run either to my jugular or SVM, then to my heart.

The power port is installed on patient’s who need long term ports and those that will need the port used for various things such as blood withdrawals, infusions, IV’s, etc.

The risks are blood clots, infection, the doctor could puncture my lung during surgery and cause my lung to collapse.

After care is a bummer too. I have to wait to drive, due to seatbelt use. I’ll likely need a port pillow or seatbelt cushion.

They do ask that you wear your bra to surgery so they may place your port in a position where it does not interfere with the strap.

As I write this blog, I’m sitting and waiting on pre-surgery blood work. I was told it would take two hours. That part confuses me. I’ll definitely ask why.

I know everything will be fine and it’s human nature to worry or be scared. I’ll continue to pray for peace of mind and a fast healing. Until then, everyone stay safe, like, share, subscribe, and comment.

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