Ford Motor Company- They Do Not Stand Behind Their Customers Nor Their Vehicles

Have you ever been traveling down the road and suddenly your vehicle loses power? You wonder why, especially after you’ve just spent over $1,000 into repairs two days prior, and you have not had prior issues.

It makes you wonder immediately if the service repair shop did something wrong, then you wonder how you are going to fix the problem, you wonder what the problem even is.

This happened to us. This was our story as we headed back from Charlottesville after two doctors appointments.

As we were driving, the “hill start assist see manual” light came on, the truck lost power, all other lights were blinking, we had to coast off to the side of the road. We restarted the truck, we re-entered the roadway and within less than 3 to 4 miles, if that, the exact same thing happened. We had to coast off the road once more and restart.

Thankfully we were able to make it home safely. The service engine light remained on the entire way.

We contacted the Ford service center immediately. The following morning we immediately drove the truck to the Ford service center where the prior work was completed, this was to have them re-inspect their work. Of course, they claim their work was pristine and wanted to charge us $130 per hour for diagnostic tests. Keep in mind we were previously told by the “service consultant “, it is unlikely they would find a coding error as the service engine light turned off just as Ed pulled into the dealership.

I want to clarify the reasons the truck was taken to the shop in the first place.

1. It was nearby

2. It needed an oil change

3. It needed the tires rotated

What the service department ending up doing was, the oil change, tire rotation, a recall replacement on the master cylinder, two new brake lines, new brakes, a flush, and turning the rotors. Thinking back over the bill, they should have not charged us for the brake fluid as that should be part of the master cylinder change.

I have spent hours researching this issue, as did Ed. It is all over the internet. It is a HUGE problem. Ford has to be aware of this. It began in the 2014 Ford F-150’s through 2019’s, along with the fusions, F-250’s, focuses, etc.

There is no certain fix, no reason why. Ford is doing absolutely nothing about this issue.

Why? We can’t afford to put thousands of dollars into a vehicle that may or may not have a work out. Some people have replaced the wire harnesses, some can’t replicate the issue, some have had their vehicles at the shop for months, some have replaced their break sensor, one replaced their electrical system.

The above are only a glimpse into the issue. There are numerous videos out there as well.

I am disabled.

My partner has a rare form of blood cancer. We rely on this vehicle and now it’s a safety issue!

We are now questioning the reliability.

Ford needs to step in and fix the issue.

Our vehicle is a 2015 F-150. We purchased it used.

It has a clean carfax.

We maintain it well and keep up with maintenance.

Upon contacting Ford Motor Company, I was immediately directed back to the dealership to have diagnostic tests run. At this point diagnostic tests would likely show no error as the “service engine” light turned off earlier in the morning as we were pulling into the dealership to have them recheck their work, as previously stated.

The Ford service department wants $130 an hour in diagnostic fees that would likely not show a code error reading, again as previously stated.

This is not acceptable if you read ALL of the information from other reports on the same Ford vehicles with the EXACT same problem.

This again is a catch all. It could be anything. A big thing, a small thing. Either way, Ford Motor Company REFUSES to assist their customers in this matter.

Ford Motor Company has put this in our laps and refuses to help, take any responsibility, research the problem, or do anything.

I could understand if this was a one off situation, however, it is a mass situation. It’s affecting so many people. Eventually they are going to find themselves in a Class Action Law Suit.

I strongly suggest to anyone reading this blog, if you have this issue or know some that does, reach out to For Motor Company and report it. This helps keep it on record snd build a case for us all to hopefully receive a resolution in the future.

If you have this problem also please share sis your experience and if it’s on going or the fix you received.

This is the link to Ford Motor Company chat and social media outlets:

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