Barefoot Contessa 3 Ingredient Pasta Review

I’m sure if you have been on Google lately, you’ve seen all of the reviews about the Barefoot Contessa’s easy pasta recipes.

One that I thought might be easy enough to try, especially with my gastroparesis issues, was the 3 ingredient lemon butter pasta dish.

The recipe is so simple. It’s noodles, lemon juice/ zest, and butter.

You simply boil the noodles (I bought gluten free of course)

Then you melt 2 sticks of butter

Add the zest and juice of 2 lemons in a separate pan

Once they are well melted, you add the done noodles (drained)

Mix well.

We added scallops and shrimp (the shrimp for Ed), a little parsley as well.

Overall it was delicious. It did not upset my stomach at all. You could easily add chicken to this instead of the scallops and shrimp.

I do believe we could have used another box of noodles or either less butter and lemon zest. It was even good the next day, however, all of the butter had settled to the bottom.

The dish was very refreshing and light.

I highly recommend you make it and try it, mix it up a little and give me your feedback too!

Happy cooking!

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