Love One Another As I Have Loved You

During a time when everyone should be uniting and listening, they all seem to be talking just hear themselves talk. There is a constant attack on every race, political status, financial position, and even on mental well-being. Our sense of unity appears to be lost and we are losing ourselves and identities in this mess of chaos. That is my belief.

Arguing points that may or may not be valid, yet they fall on deaf ears. What are we teaching the young? I can tell you what I see, I see many young children are angry because their parents are angry. I can see that many young children are stressed out because their parents are stressed out.

Who else is watching this?

Let me tell you this quick little story about what I observed at my oldest grandson’s soccer game a couple weeks ago.

The kids are all ready to play one another and due to another team not showing up, they are split into teams themselves. I notice this one little boy in blue being very aggressive towards two little girls on the team and then he becomes aggressive towards the only African American child, (I am going to call this child Steven because I do not want to consistently call him African American). Finally, he gives up on the girls and it is as if he is taunting this other little boy. He is constantly rough housing him. At one point the boy in blue falls and Steven reaches a handout to help him up and the boy in blue refuses to take it. I was stunned. After the game was over, I watched the little boy in blue speak to everyone (say goodbye) to all the other little boys apart from Steven, my grandson (who is half Brazilian and olive skinned), and the girls.

Stunned! Completely stunned! His father did not speak to anyone either.

Of course, his demeanor was out of line, his actions were not so far out of line that I had cause to call for a correction, but you bet I wanted to.

Now, tell me, where was that behavior from? Was he born with it? Was he taught it? Am I going too far with this?

I can tell you one thing, it has been on my mind the last two weeks and I did let my daughter-in-law know when she goes to games to please watch and if anything were to become out of line to let the coach know. If I can observe this on my first time, could others not?

These are 10-year-old children playing a sport, they are supposed to be learning comradery, skills, along with respect. That is not what I witnessed.

In the end I was so proud of my grandson as well as Steven for speaking to everyone at the end of the game and even saying "great job", yes even to the boy in blue, when he refused to speak back. Now that I can tell you whether it came from being born a kind person or taught proper manners at home was terrific to see.

On behalf of my grandson, he is taught manners, he is taught respect, he is taught to speak up when he sees bullying happening. You have heard me state before in my blog posts that my family is of mixed races and we do not tolerate racism.

No, I do not understand what it is to be of another race, but at that game, during those moments, my heart bled for Steven, in my eyes, he was facing racism. I do not want to see any child nor adult go through that. I do not want that little boy, Steven as I call him, to in turn think all Caucasians are that way throughout his life either because one little boy in blue was so rude to him on the soccer field, potentially because of the color of his skin.

Skin color should not be an issue nor a focal point for being nice to someone or being their friend.

I know racism still exists, WE HAVE TO BREAK THE CHAINS! We, adults, must teach children that it is wrong, we must teach equality.


I know this will not happen in my lifetime; I do hope that it happens in my grandchildren’s. My grandchildren and the young children under ten years old today can be taught and understand to see people beyond skin color.

Make the world a better place. Be kind, teach kindness, the only color differences we should be teaching are those of the rainbow or in the Crayola box. Please do not twist that statement, yes we are all different and should be seen for WHO we are but we should not be IDENTIFIED or JUDGED by color. I hope I am stating that correctly not to offend.

God gave us diversity, HE also made us all bleed red! Remember that!

I may not understand what it is to be anything other than Caucasian, but I will do my part, I will to do my best to stand with others, I will try to understand, and try to make a difference. I will continue to guide my grandchildren and their children as well (God willing).

(John 13:34) For Jesus says, love one another as I have loved you!

He does not say, love one another based on your skin tone!

Remember that. It is NEVER too late to make a change.

I know there is an entire world out there of things to discuss about racism and I can’t cover it. I just simply wanted to make a statement where I could and I hope in each blog to make a difference in some way or another. I hope my messages of kindness reach one person and that one person can reach another.

As always, thanks for reading, please like, share, follow, and comment!

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