The Mind Is A Dangerous Thing

The mind is a dangerous thing. Your mind can be your worst nightmare or your best friend. It can control you or you can take control of it.

In times of turmoil, how do you handle situations? Fight or flight? Calm and cool?

How do you handle things?
In times of calm do you look for worry or anxiety? Live in panic and fear?

Everyone has a mind of their own. Everyone has thoughts, sometimes many, sometimes they have an entire city in their minds, even worlds. The chaos is so loud and overwhelming, nothing else exists. How does one calm this nightmare? No “one” mind works the same.

The mind is not truly and thoroughly understood by the scientist or those in the medical field alone. They do a very good job of trying, that is certain. From medications, studies, practicing self-healing techniques, cognitive behaviors, and so much more, yet one’s mind will still take over. It is bound to happen. We are not perfect. We are often bent by either a trauma or a chemical imbalance. Those that are lucky enough to have a normal mind, well, maybe they are not so lucky. Maybe they are just boring.

Don’t you rely on your thoughts to lead you? People may say they do not talk to themselves or answer themselves, however, this is a lie. We all do. Every decision we make is a question and answer in our mind, to ourselves. It is silent.
I cannot imagine what it would be like to go a day without my mind wondering in circles about decisions and choices or wandering about and asking so many questions about people, places, things, and so on. Everything is of interest, yet nothing holds my attention too long. There I go wandering off again. In my mind, it is my world. Everything in my world makes sense. From the way I write, solve problems, think, live my life. It works for me. Trying to find my niche, trying to find what I want to write about and not sound “crazy”. The simple fact is, I know I am eccentric. I know I am different. I know I think outside of the box and question everything. I know I look beyond the clouds and stars and beyond the obvious answers.

Even from a young age, I have had a way of doing things my way, typically the long way, the hard way. You could tell me the fire was hot, I knew it was hot, I still wanted to feel it though. I had to feel it for myself. I believe it goes back to the saying “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”.

It has taken a lot of self-care and self-love to accept me for who I am and come to my reality.

Trust issues? Possibly. Think about it, not too hard, because as I have said, the mind is a dangerous thing!

What goes on in yours?

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