What Will 2021 Bring?

2020 Brought Us






Economic Crash

Stock Market Crash

Job Losses

Political War

The Presidential Election Debacle

Twitter Hacked

Mortgage Rates Fall

Homeownership Increases

President Trump is Impeached

Murder Hornets

Locusts Swarms in Africa

Sex Scandals Rock Hollywood



We’ve made it through 2020 with one of the scariest pandemics, still mutating amongst us. We are watching the rise and fall of our economy, our countries, our world. We are living more and more with less social interaction and more virtual interaction. Our children and grandchildren are currently virtually learning. If you’re not depressed, you are obsessed. But we’ve made it, right? Or just about. We are days from 2021.

Dare to ask what 2021 holds in store for us.

Will Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend ever see her day in court? Will we be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine? Will Kamala actually be President? Will we end up at war?

Our 2021 is definitely scary and we have much to fear. Many say it’s the Bible playing out before our very eyes.

What can we do to fix this? What can we do to make a change?

Do you know that one small change can actually change the course of events of the world?

Let’s think about that for a moment. When George Floyd’s life was unjustly taken, the riots and protests began. They ended up being very violent. What if instead, there were no protests, no riots. What if instead, everyone focused their energy on changing the laws? Laws that make it illegal for the police to hold down a person the way Mr. Floyd was held down. Laws to help those that appear mentally unstable. Laws to help those that may be on drugs. Laws to give police officers further education and actual resources to better handle situations.

One action, one change, could have saved a country so much divide. Whether it was warranted or not. We speak of peace. We speak of justice. Do we practice it? I think not.

When is the last time you spoke a kind word to a stranger? When is the last time you selflessly gave? During Christmas, did you think about the homeless or less fortunate? Is that all you did was think about them? Why did you just think about them at Christmas? There are 364 other days during the year they need help. What are you doing to help then?

I ask these questions because I am very curious to know why in one of the World’s supposedly “richest” countries, we are yet the poorest. We are poor in spirit. We have so many children in need. So many homeless in need. So many mentally challenged in need. My mind never stops thinking of ways to help. To the point which I am overwhelmed with ideas and I do help. I don’t say that for a Pat on the back.

When will our hearts accept that we all bleed red and when will our eyes see one human race versus different skin tones? When will we learn to do what’s right and stop pushing the boundaries of injustice?

Do your research on COVID and other viruses/ diseases. Know the facts, but also know that the doctors, the nurses, the scientists, nor the President know everything about these illnesses.

Practice self care. Practice helping others take care of themselves by staying clean.

When 2021 rings in and you look forward to putting 2020 behind, think about not only making resolutions to make yourself a better person by eating better and losing weight. Make a resolution to be the change that the world needs. Practice patience, practice kindness, practice prayer, practice giving selflessly, practice unity.

And please, just wear the mask too!

Jesus and germs are everywhere

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