In The End, We Are All Just Stories

I just have to say this:


There are many strains evolving, this is normal

Our healthcare system does NOT have all of the answers, be patient

Our government honestly is at a loss and fighting one another, be patient

Our world is at a fragile time right now

We really need to gather in prayer, positivity, and be encouraging one another, helping where we can!

I completely understand and respect if you do not want to mask or vaccinate, we do NOT know the consequences, however, we also know that the consequences of COVID are real.

It’s an illness, some survive, some don’t, some are asymptotic, some are not!

Practice respect, kindness, don’t jump to conclusions.

I’ve asked my medical professionals, whom I truly trust very detailed questions. You should do the same. Then continue to research it.


Now is the time for praise, praise God, cherish your friends, your family, the things you hold dear, and be still!

We’ve made it through 2020 so far, that’s one hell of an accomplishment friends/ family!

Hug your loved ones tighter, make those check in calls, spread love, give where you can, treat each other better!!

Love heals all! In the end, love wins, in the end, God wins!

Peace, love, grace!

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