Just Thinking and Touching Base

Hi everyone! How are you handling the holiday season and the rise of COVID?
We have vaccines on the way. How is everyone dealing with that news?

It is rather interesting that we have spent an entire year thereabouts in this pandemic and little has changed. We wear masks, some do not. We follow the guidelines for social distancing, some do not. As many as possible work remotely. Schools open part-time and then close again. We run out of toilet paper in the stores and cleaning products. Yet the beaches are full as are the state parks.

It is a true mystery, isn’t it?

Yesterday, December 15, 2020, I received news that my dad (stepdad) actually, has COVID. His stepson just recovered from COVID last month. Unfortunately, I do not have the best relationship with him. I have been thinking about him and feeling that something was wrong. I am glad that I found this out and able to speak with him today.

I also found out that a very good friend’s boyfriend has COVID, his mother is also in the hospital, and his father also has it. Another friend’s aunt died today from COVID.

This is hitting very close to home. We are buckling back down because of the rise as well as the fact that we are immunosuppressed. I have spoken with my rheumatologist and he strongly advised me to receive the COVID vaccine once it is released.

On Sunday I did visit my PCP. I went for a typical follow up for labs (A1C/ cholesterol). I was having a flare up of autoimmune vasculitis. It has now worsened in my fingers and feet. I am also having to see a dermatologist for this. I am being sent to an imaging center for another bone density scan too.

It boggles my mind at 45 years of age, I constantly receive new diagnoses and it does not even affect me. I am so used to it. What does bother me is that my family refuses to understand any of it or keep track of it. I truly feel that it is of the utmost importance to keep a family history of illnesses and conditions. You never know down the road for generations to come who may need this information. I was fortunate enough to ask questions in my family on my mother’s side and to recall/ remember the history. These are the very reasons why I know the GI issues are hereditary, the diabetes is hereditary, as are lupus and the other autoimmune illnesses.
I try to craft when I can. I will not lie, as badly as I wish for my hands to cooperate, they swell, go numb, tingle, and do not want to cooperate. It takes me to quadruple the time to complete one project that would a normal person. I am grateful that I have the mindset to keep going.

I am very thankful for the blessings in my life. I have said this many times before. You know we all have down days. We are allowed for those days. We must let them sink in, feel them, then let them pass. Move beyond them and stand back up. We are faced with challenges, big challenges, tiny challenges, short-term and long-term.

We must grow with each challenge, learn from it, grow with it, reset our minds, figure out how to adapt. Isn’t that what we are learning from COVID-19?
Technically life threw us this huge curveball and isolated us into a bubble, yet here we are. We are still managing.

By the grace of God, we will get through this. Remember that you have a choice to give up or to keep going, in the end, there is always the end. It will depend on how fast you get there. God always has the final say.

For now, pray, help others when you can appreciate those in your life, practice peace, kindness, love, forgiveness, and happiness.

2021 may not be much better, but hey, it is not 2020, we have learned a lot!

Stay safe, wash your hands, remember that germs are everywhere but so is Jesus. Pray too!

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