Not Just a Survivor…. Also A Striver

Round Three

This is round three this morning, comical, oh so comical.

I woke up with every intent of cancelling this blog because for one my subscribers have haulted, secondly, the writing layout is now horrofic. I am frustrated with WordPress and everytime I use spellcheck or Grammarly, my work disappears. The cut and paste is also not working. The media settings are a sleeping beast right now too.

Then I had another inkling to shut down Etsy due to the lack of sales and support. I am wasting time and money and it is going N O W H E R E !

After writing, literally, three posts about how I was feeling, each time I tried to copy and spell check or use spell check, the articles just disapeared, POOF, just like that.

Was it a sign that I needed to stop complaining and venting? Maybe.

So I will leave it here, I use the blog as a writing outlet, it is paid for the next 9 months, I might as well use it no matter who reads it or subscribes.

I love craftings, although it causes me to flare, costs money that I should be saving. I will find a way to make it work out.

If there are spelling and grammatical errors, well so be it. WordPress is not cooperating during this time.

I hope everyone has a delightful day and if something goes wrong once, twice, three times, strive for that fourth!

We can all be survivors and strivers! That is what life is about!

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