Getting Ready For Christmas by Crafting

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

Beginning in August and going through May, those are the months I enjoy the most.

Watching the leaves turn in autumn, the cold of winter, some snow if we are lucky, then it all comes back to life in spring. Let’s skip the parts about depression (SAD).

During this time, I get the “crafting itch”!

Never being very talented or crafty in my younger years, it was not until 2014 that I began to dabble with canvas painting, making homemade body products, then moving on to grapevine wreaths, and ornaments.

I gain much enjoyment and relaxation from crafting, unless I have a custom order. Custom orders put a lot of pressure on me. I like to go at my own pace. In crafting, nothing is perfect. Every item is different, they should be all original and one of a kind. I resist duplications.

With COVID this year, many craft shows/ fairs within my local area are canceled. This brought a great deal of difficulty to selling. Etsy has not proven to be the most successful marketing asset. I’m finding neither is Twitter, Facebook, nor Pinterest. I personally do not have the clientele on my personal Facebook account.

I’m hopeful that things will turn around and I can sell the products I love to make. Unfortunately, I cannot keep them. Having no means of additional storage, I would be at a loss. Not to mention I’m 95% complete on my own Christmas shopping. Gifting them is likely not the most reasonable option.

This will not stop me! I will continue to craft for peace of mind. As long as my hands cooperate, it is wonderful therapy for my soul.

Let me share with you what I’m working on thus far:

I am not claiming to be a professional, yes, several look elementary. Crafting brings out my inner child.

I made each ornament, from the placement of the scrabble piece, to tying the bow, to actually taking a clear hard plastic ball ornament and making my own colors. There are space balls, glitter balls, and wooden ornaments, mini wreaths too!

I have so many more to make and the excitement is very overwhelming!

If you are interested in any of my crafts, please email me at or check out my Etsy shop (I’m not listing several items there because they are going to a Market Bazaar booth)

I would love your feedback and definitely your support!

Thank you as always and be blessed

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  1. Such beautiful decorations! I love them. It takes me back to when my mother used to do crafts when we were kids. She crafted decorations too. When I was a little girl, I watched her make Christmas ornaments out of eggshells. She’d poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg with a big needle, then take a tiny straw and blow out the yokes into a mixing bowl, which she went ahead and made breakfast with. She let the empty shells sit for a few days then pulled red yarn through the shells, being sure to tie knots in the yarn at each end of the eggshells. She then decorated them with glitter and glue- some red with a green Christmas tree, some blue with the yellow star of Bethlehem, and so many other designs. I don’t know how she was able to make such perfect pictures with the glitter without it bleeding out. But she did it. I still have those decorated eggshell ornaments today. They are my keepsakes.


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