Roaring Runs Falls & Shenandoah National Park – Our Sunday Trip

Our Sunday Trip

This morning we were up before the sun! 6:30 am, EST.

It was a “force our butts out of bed day”. We were determined to not sleep the day away, nor to get a late start.

Typically, on our “mini” or “adventure” days, we do not even get out of the apartment until 2:00pm.

The leaves are changing, Autumn is here. We’ve yet to find a good foliage spot. Taking photos that show the beauty of October this year has been near impossible.

In Shenandoah National Park (over the last 3 weeks), the foliage is green, yellow, or the leaves have fallen.

Last night I researched “waterfalls in Virginia “. We decided to head towards George Washington & Jefferson National Forests.

Our hopes are to capture the Roaring Runs Falls.

According to the website (

The hike round trip to and fro is 2 miles. The falls drop 35 feet.

On our 2 1/2 hour drive, in and out of scenery there were glimpses of Autumn finally. The air had a chill. We dressed warmly. The temperature outdoors was in the 50’s.

As we approached our destination around 11:30am, it was extremely crowded. More so than I would have expected, though I should not have been, considering it is a Sunday.

I kept my phone with me, of course to take photographs and to monitor the walking distance. The hike to and fro was 4,996 feet (.94 mile)

Nearing the top of the mountain, you could see the waterfall bursting through. It was beautiful, unfortunately, due to the crowd and their dogs, it was not very enjoyable.

I ended up losing Ed. I thought he walked back down the trail to take other photographs, not realizing, he walked further up the mountain.

I walked back to the vehicle, hoping to find him along the way.

Needless to say, he was in a bit of panic mode once he reached the vehicle as we NEVER leave each other like that.

We have now set our rules going forward, not only for safety reasons, also for our own peace of mind.

On the way home, we drove to Shenandoah. You know a week without Shenandoah National Park would not be complete, hence the sarcasm. Talk about Disney Land or Las Vegas, whew, the Park was packed with tourists and visitors. Out of state vehicles piled into the overflow of the overlooks and onto the grassy areas of the hiking lots. I’ve never seen the Park this crowded before.

Some of the overlooks were a pee tree dish for COVID! Geezus! At at least 3 overlooks on the way to Big Meadows, I know there were well over 25 people (to include children). No masks! I understand we are outdoors, however, that many people in one area is still not acceptable at one time during the current pandemic.

Off of my high horse I go.

Shenandoah National Park colors near Big Meadows really has not changed colors very much at all over the last 3 weeks. There’s a bit more yellows, less leaves, more browns, it’s missing the vibrant orange and reds.

To say I am disappointed with this fall is an understatement. I loved our day together, we laugh, we joke, we tease one another, and our trip was enjoyable. The site of the waterfall at Roaring Runs Falls was very beautiful and relaxing. It would have been more enjoyable with less human traffic.

Shenandoah National Park was way too crowded and the foliage, again was disappointing. That’s Mother Nature. You never know what she will do.

I am grateful and thankful we were able to get out and enjoy fresh air, a new journey, walk, talk, and share time together. I’m glad we are able to share some of this experience with you, our subscribers and followers too.

Until next time, be safe, stay healthy, and shop our Etsy Page for Edward Hamway Photography items (we are adding more).

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