Etsy Shop – Running Discounts

Hi Friends,

We are running promotions currently in our Etsy Shop

Each card is $3.00 with the envelope. That is a great deal, right? Look at the discounts below and you are able to purchase more at a discounted price!

How amazing is that?

20OFF60 20% off of $60
15OFF15 15% off of 15%
35FREESHIPPING free shipping on $35 or more
5FOR15 5 Cards for $15

Please stop by and take a look at our photo greeting cards.

These greeting cards are original photographs by Ed. The back of the cards are blank. Each come with an envelope. We have made them 5×7 in order to allow you to frame as a keepsake photo.

We are also selling the images for $10.00, yes $10.00 for the original image. You just have to DM me!

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful week.

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