Raising Awareness.. Are You Listening, Learning, or Going Posting To Post?

Raising Awareness..

Many people are quick to jump on the band wagon and post on days or months for specific illnesses or “Awareness” !

Why? Why not everyday?

The DO’s & the DONT’s

✅ Raise awareness for every cause, ❌ NOT just when it happens to be an awareness day, week, or month. ❌ NOT just because it affects you or someone you know.

✅ Try to educate yourself on others illnesses, especially those you claim to love or care about, ❌ NOT ignore their condition and think it will go away or belittle them if they have an off day, can’t make it to an outing, event, etc.

✅ Put yourself in someone else’s position. What if you had that illness? How would you want someone to treat you? ❌ Don’t stop inviting them places because they are unreliable. They are reliable, their health is not!

✅ Be an advocate for a cause! ❌ DON’T ignore it. There are many unknown illnesses that are invisible. The more you know and spread the word, you may save a life.

✅ Be living, kind, and gentle with your actions and words. ❌ DON’T talk down to someone with a chronic illness or remind them of how they “used” to be. They are aware. They likely hate their bodies because it has taken away that identity.


❌ DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO REACH OUT, likely they are dealing with pain, loneliness, seclusion.

✅ Check on them. If they say they are fine, are they really?

🎀 If you want to throw ribbons out for causes 🎀


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