Cicadas- Liam’s Cicada Experience

Liam’s Cicada Experience

On yesterday’s nature walk, Liam and I heard the loudest sound above us. Liam says, “Nana, look up, that little bird has something and it is hurting it.”

Bam, a cicada comes crashing to the ground and it is screaming. Liam has the idea he can save it. He always wants to save insects, with the exception of mosquitos of course. We spent a good ten minutes trying to get the cicada to crawl on the stick and Liam reaching his hand in and out of the fence where it had dropped to. Finally, Liam says, “Look, Nana, I think it knows we are peaceful, it is coming to us.”

Sure enough, the cicada slowly made its way from behind the fence and out to us. Liam picked it up and it did not make a noise at all. He checed it over to make sure that it was not hurt, althogh he claims that he could see peck marks on it from the bird. Overall the cicada was fine, very friendly, and very active.

Close to an hour of Liam playing with his new friend and me taking photos and videos, Liam decided that my area was not the “safest place” for the cicada and he wanted to take it to his uncles house and let it out on a tree there.

We placed the cicada into a glass jar, Liam put grass, a stick, and a leaf in there for the cicada, and we covered it with foil (poked holes in it). Within less than 2 hours, Liam set the cicada free.

Things that I did not know about cicadas that Liam taught me

Cicadas only come out every 13-17 years, it is believed this is because they do not want to become in sync with the predator cycle.

Cicadas live underground as nymphs, only to emerge when they are ready to come out of their shells. They come from their underground tunnels, climb a tree, and molt.

Cicadas only eat vegetation. In fact, before they leave their shells, they eat the juice/ liquid from plant roots. Once they molt, they eat twigs.

Their life cycle is very limited. They do not eat the last 2 weeks of their life cycle.

Cicadas only make that loud annoying noise when they are mating or in danger.

Where Did That Knowledge Come From

Isn’t it amazing that a 9-year-old knows all of this? He did not learn this in school. He learned this information from watching YouTube videos and by reading nature/ insect books that I have purchased for him over the years. He has truly always been fascinated with insects. Trust me, we have dealt with an ant farm, mealworms, saving spiders, grand-daddy long legs, etc.

I am very proud that Liam knows so much about nature and insects and he teaches me. I enjoy our nature walks and I love that we can take videos and photos and share with everyone.

There is beauty in nature. There is also beauty in the cicada. I hope you find it below.

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