GoFundMe for Brandin – Dental Needs

If 600 people donated $5 each, Brandin could meet his goal. He has an infection in both back teeth and the root canals are an emergency situation!

Once the root canals are complete, he will need a crown on each tooth (2 teeth).

It takes a great deal for him to ask for anything! Currently he is not on antibiotics nor pain medication.

When COVID-19 hit, Brandin took almost a $15,000 pay cut. In the process, his wife was out on high-risk maternity leave, then came along his beautiful daughter.

Brandin does not ask for help typically.

My sons are very prideful, we do not have a large family, what family we do have generally are not in a position to assist.

I’m asking if possible, please assist!

Unfortunately dental care is not considered a medical necessity when it should be. If this infection was to spread any further, it could essentially penetrate Brandin’s blood stream and cause death!

These root canals and crowns are of the utmost importance!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

If you cannot monetarily assist, please share and pray!

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