Thanks To Those Who Didn’t Help

I learned a very valuable lesson this week. Several actually.

Throughout my life I’ve learned not to depend on anyone, however, I’ve had almost everyone depend on me. I’ve been the one to help in every possible way.

I help because I want to lighten the load of others. That doesn’t mean others want to do the same for me.

Thanks ok. It makes me stronger. It has taken me a long time to figure it out, but, now I see exactly where I stand in the lives of many.

I’ve heard many say to me “thanks for everything you have done for me, if you ever need anything, let me know”.

They don’t answer the phone, make excuses, want to make deals, or have another “excuse”.

It takes extreme circumstances for me to ask for anything too.

I’ve also done for others and not even heard a thank you.

That’s ok.

This week was “moving week”. We had two dependable people help! 2!

I offered to hire someone from Facebook, they didn’t show, I had family bail on us, we had friends bail on us, I had family basically refuse to help.

That’s ok.

You know what? Through health issues, the heat, a rain storm, and two long days, it’s done!

The two family members refused anything in return with exception of wanting to spend time with us!

The moral of my story and my experience is, when people turn their backs on you, turn the other way. Walk away. Don’t get upset. It will work out.

When people say “let me know if you ever need anything “. Don’t count on it.

When you do for others, do from the kindness of your own heart and understand that not everyone will return favours, say thank you, or ever care that you even exist. Move forward.

In the end, you will know who cares and who doesn’t. You will see true colors. Never lose your own sunshine though just because someone/others are rainstorms.

I end this by thanking my oldest son, Brandin, for his amazing help and sense of humor, Dayana for her endless efforts to make sure Ed and I were taken care of physically as she also exuded positivity and used her muscle power to lift and move heavy furniture and items, and Ed’s parents for allowing me to stay almost all week with them and the hospitality they offered.

Now all that’s left is unpacking, organizing, and fighting this flare!

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