July 27th

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July 27th

This day holds a lot of emotions. A lot of memories. Celebrations and heartache.

Not only for myself, for my family as well.

July 27th, the day my youngest son was born. He brought so much laughter into the world. He is comical and intelligent. He is my baby boy. It was tough letting him grow into a man. I am proud of the man that he has become.

July 27th, the day that I claim as my re-birthday. I woke up from almost four days of being on a ventilator in the hospital due to an overdose. I put my kids through hell literally during the days prior, just by being unresponsive and the years of work and therapy afterward have truly made me a better person. This is a bittersweet date.

July 27th, the date my youngest son chose to marry his second wife. It is a day of happiness for them also. A day of unity.

July 27th, the day my mother passed away. No more pain, no more gasping for air, no more of this world. Now she is at peace. Just peace. I’d like to think she left this world knowing that she was loved beyond measure, more than she ever felt in her entire life.

Forever this specific date will mean something.  A day of happiness as a child enters the world. A day of relief as two children’s prayers are answered and their mother awakes. A day of unity for a young man and woman ready to begin their lives together. A day of peace for a woman that has suffered her entire life, a life of addiction, abuse, abandonment, and then illness.


July Twenty Seventh

Birth – Happy Birthday Shane. You are my laughter. I love you.

Rebirth – Brandin and Shane I thank you both for saving my life in more ways that one and love you both.

Unity – Happy Anniversary Shane & Alee. I hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness.

Heaven – We miss you and love you Mom, we will see you soon!







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