The #NEWYOU, what does that mean?

For me, there are several things which I have discovered about myself during this entire COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Let’s begin with the first thing

I’m an introvert at heart, typically, until I’m unwound, then I’m completely unhinged and passionate. I never realized this was considered to be “uptight”, until my boyfriend presented the question.

I have very strong views and opinions when asked about certain subjects. Most are based on my gut feelings with some factual evidence. I also do not always believe all evidence is “factual”. This leads to my next discovery.


I’m a complete “conspiracy theorist” believer

That’s correct! Yes, I do believe Pizzagate is real, I do believe our cell phones see and hear everything and even as a child, I believed the television could see us.

That hasn’t changed. There has always been a big brother per say.


I do not like to get into long debates or arguments about my “conspiracy theory” beliefs. If you don’t believe in them and you don’t see it feel the evidence, I don’t feel the need to convince you otherwise. Time will show you. As the saying goes, it will all comes out in the wash!


I’m spoiled! This was a complete shock to me. I have spoiled myself. No one has done this to me. I do not have expensive clothing, material items, jewelry, the nicest car, nor do I live in a nice house, but I’m spoiled.

As a child I did not always have electric, heat, air conditioning, hot water, food, love, and understanding or affection. I learned to count on myself to provide those things. I learned to expect those things. I learned that these things were important to me and I did not want my children to go without them either.

When I crave a certain food, I want it, I buy it, it does not have to be expensive. My body requires certain temperature controls each season and that’s just the way it is. I require genuine hugs! I know who I can count on for them!

I’m spoiled by seeing my kids and grandkids and Ed’s family. During this “lockdown”, that’s been tough.


I’m still learning things about myself and I’m less defensive. When others point out my “flaws”, I’m less to jump into a tizzy. I listen a little more. I notice that they appear more judgmental because they are pointing out those “flaws”, based on assumptions about me which they do not understand.

My grandmother (Momo), used to say to me “Priss, in order to like you, one must love you”.

I never understood that until later in life. It was not my intent to be difficult. I lived in “fight or flight” mode. So as I work through my past and embrace my future, I have patience with myself and others too.

What have you learned about the #NEWYOU during this time in lockdown?

I would love to hear your stories and even share them.

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  1. The hope is the newness is the best , happiest version of us. Sometimes our new you can be a product of a negative experience thus bring a negative side of us we don’t want to be, but it’s part of growing , learning .


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