Facebook – The True Discriminators

I want to make it crystal clear that I am at a point where I am getting ready to shut down my Facebook account.

I’ve held onto this long due to the fact that I keep in contact with family, childhood classmates, old co-workers, and I have stored photos on there.

I’m going to find a way to transition my photos and videos this week.


Several reasons!

Facebook is truly discriminating against Republicans and they are supporting violence!

This particular post / photograph in which I am going to show you, was reported by at least 5 different people and Facebook refuses to remove it!

Facebook is supporting hate speech and serious threats from the BLM organization as well!

Facebook has also banned Peggy Hubbard from her personal page for 30 days and Twitter banned her for life!

Here is Ms. Peggy Hubard’s story directly from her post:

Yes, I have been banned from my personal page for 30 days. apparently, Conservatives aren’t afforded the same courtesy as the left or Democrats. You aren’t allowed to say certain things on Facebook. You aren’t allowed your opinions. The 1st Amendment rights is just an suggestion on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

I have been banned from Twitter for life. my crime? Last year I announced that I was going to seek the Republican nomination for U.S Senate. And, try to dethrone Senator Dick Durbin. Well, Twitter didn’t take kind to that announcement and deemed my announcement as a “hate speech” I was given a life ban. Taking away, both my personal pages. Why? Black, Conservative, Republican who wanted to give the power back to ALL people of Illinois. They couldn’t have that!

I have seen drawings of a masked ANTIFA cutting a police officer throat posted all over Facebook. I complained about the contents, only to be told that this wasn’t a “community standards” violation. This was perfectly acceptable, as far as Facebook was concerned. As a wife of a police officer, Facebook sanctioning killing cops. Truth ISN’T allowed on the left. I hope you all SHARE this. Contact others for me, Diamond and Silk, Terrance Williams, etc. Get the world out!

BLM, members can say the N-word and call whites derogatory names. Let a conservative
express HERSELF? Facebook brings the hammer down. Like your President? Hammer down. Love your flag? Hammer down. Support Police? Hammer down. If you’re white with an opinion? Hammer down. Pro Gun? Hammer down. Pro life? Hammer down.


What about freedom of speech? Why is our freedom of speech being removed, blocked and censored?

Until WE, The People, take a stand and remove ourselves from Facebook, this will continue to happen.

WE need another platform to support each other and we need to have a safe place to be able to share positivity and experiences and not have the leftists and racism and hate and violence shoved in our face!

ANYONE that threatens to burn up America is threatening to commit a crime, yet, this is allowed in video after video on Facebook and in flyer after flyer! Why? Why are these people not being shut down or reported?

If they hate this country so bad that they wish to destroy it, leave!

I digress now. My intentions began earlier in the month to support more and complain less. Facebook has increased my anxiety and brought out much of my internal madness, therefore I am now by Independence Day, seeking to take back my independence from social media platforms that support hate, hate speech, hate crimes, and boycott beginning with Facebook!

Let freedom ring!

Support those that are for the good of our country, pray for our country, pray for peace, remember the lives sacrificed for the freedom of the United States of America 🇺🇸

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  1. Great post, strong too, so well done for having the guts to stand up and say them.
    Questions regarding Social Media, are who is controlling FB and Twitter? We, in the UK criticise China for having control over their population and not allowing people access to the Internet. Just a thought….


    • Great questions. I am actually checking into that. I want to know who is controlling it all including Instagram!! I even wonder about our cellphones. They hear so much. It’s scary.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting


  2. Such a great and powerful post! I’m a free thinker just like you and I get banned from Facebook all. the. TIME! And for nothing but sharing anti-bullying posts and voice my own opinions and frustrations with the rigged system we have today. It’s maddening!

    It’s bad when people like you and me get banned, yet porno sites, kiddie porn and hate speech get a free pass from these tech giants. Now that makes my blood boil!

    Never in my life did I ever think that here in America, there would come a day when we would no longer have the right to our own views and opinions! Never did I ever imagine that our freedom of speech and expression would be so openly attacked like it is today! And never did I imagine cancel culture would become a way to control thought here in the land of the free. Thank you so much for bringing issue to something that few people will address! Remember that Big Tech is controlled by China now and I believe that’s why people like you and me are being attacked and banned like we’ve been. But continue to speak out. Because if we stop bringing awareness to this harsh reality, that’s when we’ll lose our power and maybe even our rights as citizens! Again, thank you so much! I hope this finds you well!


    • Thank you so much! It is such a scary world for any of us that are not the “bad guys”. If we want right things done, we are bullied into silence. So many people do not realize how much power these “tech giants” have. Tik Tok is one now that has them fooled too. The Facebook quizzes, the apps, etc..
      I do not trust the computers, the phones.. my boyfriend does always call me the “conspiracy theorist” believer, but honestly, if you mention one thing, then open your google, it’s in your feed. Someone is listening.
      So with that being said, it’s big government and big companies that are involved in it.
      I do feel that we are on the brink of a new world war.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment and always speak your truth because the world must hear it 💓


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