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When this blog began it was intended to journal our life. An adventure to share with the world. One of Ed and I purchasing an RV and traveling the United States.

Unfortunately, that has not happened, nor does it look promising for our future, and sometimes life throws curve balls. You learn to roll with the punches, adapt to changes, even change courses. That is what we have done. Our road now leads us in a new direction.

I truly believe God has a hand in everything, we can plan it, however, it does not always mean we are in control of the outcome. Just like those unanswered prayers that we often find ourselves thankful for, sometimes, those unanswered dreams are just the same.

Had we ventured out on our journey, we likely would have struggled more with health issues, as I have changed RA medications within the last several months, all amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of the campgrounds/ campsites are closed down, parks, and just about anywhere we would have planned to see along the way.

Needless to say, the thought that we would have given up everything to be stuck on the road with no means to live the way we planned is terrifying.

Gyms are shut down, which would alleviate the additional shower times we could use. Restaurants were and still remain on limited take out services. Grocery stores have limited quantities of items.

Living in an RV would have been an uphill battle during this time. I am sure we could have found ways around those challenges. It is nice to know that we did not need to.

Challenging enough are the little adjustments that we have faced, which are actually quite huge. Weeks and weeks of quarantine, boredom, losing our weekly trips out to the parks, we really miss our weekly dinners with Ed’s parents,  seeing my grandchildren regularly, and just going out to eat from time to time, sitting in a restaurant sounds like a lifetime away.

The direction of the blog began taking a turn well before COVID-19, maybe that was God telling me to prepare for something bigger.


I can say this platform has allowed me to make thousands of connections with other bloggers and writers via Twitter and WordPress, it has helped to alleviate my anxiety and stress at times, it serves as an outlet and it helps me to help not only myself but others as well. Sharing my life experiences and challenges have become therapeutic in a sense.

In the beginning, the vulnerability was scary. I was opening up about things I had not talked about with anyone other than my psychologist and psychiatrist and maybe a few others. The more I opened up, the more I received feedback from others who had gone through similar experiences, or those that are also struggling with similar experiences.

I’ve been able to be a featured guest on a blog and even a podcast!

I have found this blog to be an outlet to reach others and to spread awareness, positivity, love, grace, and hope.

As part of upcoming blogs, I will be featuring others. Featured guest posts will involve recovery stories, mental illness battles, helping within the community, and also raising awareness for various issues.

I am very excited to see where this blog leads. I intend to post my normal “useless facts” and personal struggles, etc.

So, as I end, I thank God for a new direction. I hope everyone will learn to look at the bright side of unanswered prayers and see the silverlings in every dream that does not take shape into a rainbow.

Thank you all for being a part of this ever-changing experience!



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