Name Games – Chaos of The Quarantined Mind

One’s mind wanders and wonders when you have limitations as to what you can do. Last night during this wonderful time of quarantine my brain took over. 

I fixated on a name pattern or name game per se. Within my family, I noticed some names are commonly used often, carried on, and favorited.

I began with my maternal grandparents and attempted to recall the names passed down almost 6 generations. 


Here is what I have come up with so far (I am positive that I have missed several):

How Many Times Has That Name Been Used?

  • “Mae” used 4 times
  • “Paul” used 3 times
  • “Ray” (or other variations of the spelling) used 2 times
  • “Annelee” used 2 times
  • “Kay” used twice
  • “Tracey” (or other variations of the spelling) used 3 times
  • “Lee” used 8 times
  • “Pearleian/ Pearlene” used 2 times
  • “Daisy” used 2 times
  • “Danny” used 3 times
  • “Donnie” used 2 times
  • “Kevin” used 2 times
  • “Jack” used 3 times
  • “Nicole” used 2 times
  • “Ann” (variation of the spelling) used 4 times
  • “Elizabeth” used 2 times
  • “Wayne” used 2 times
  • “Paula/ Pauline” used 2 times

Notice the names Paul, Pauline, Paula, Pearline. Variations of the same for female/ male names.

This had me taking it a step further, what about initials? My cousin’s initials are CRF, his two children’s initials are CRF (all 5 generations from his paternal grandfather’s side are CRF initials carried down).  

What Else Did I Learn? 

  • My great-great-grandfather was married twice (his last marriage when he was 80 years old lasted less than one year).
  • My great-grandmother was married once before she married my great-grandfather and had a son as a result of that marriage.
  • My great aunt was married to her second husband from 1965 to February 1984 and then they remarried in October of 1984. She listed on her marriage certificate that it was only her second marriage, technically, it was her third marriage, just the second marriage to the same man.
  • Several relatives did not have middle names and just made them up, they were not legal; however, they used them on legal documents. In turn, those made up, not legally given names are also carried on.
  • My great grandmother’s first name was found on at least four different records which I viewed, spelled differently.
  • I was given her middle name. On one of the documents, the middle name spellings do not even match.
  • On several of the documents, I reviewed, my great aunt’s middle name is spelled in different variations, throughout several different documents.
  • My great-great-great–grandfather’s name is not clear between the name Onell or Mell on several records as to his first name.
  • Numerous other marriages, divorce, and death certificates are incorrect with the number of divorces and marriages for each party.

Now I am wondering how well kept and true are these vital statics, records, genealogy and lineages as we pass stories down through the generations? 


All very interesting. How many family secrets can be uncovered?

I am intrigued, confused, misled and living in a chaotic quarantined mind-blown.

It all begins with the name 

Go for it…. take to as many levels as you can…. more to come!



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    • It’s really hard to say for my family. I began to research my and it’s amazing to see how many times the names were used in periods. For example the variations of “Traceys” were in 2 generations, then there were “David’s “ throughout about 3-4 generations. Further back in generations there were generations of “Emily’s”, “Adeline’s”, “Haan’s”, etc..
      As for Ed’s son, that was intentional


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