How Was Your Day?

We often ask this question; do we really want to know the answer? Do we truly care? Are we ready to respond?

It is important how you are doing 

Let me tell you how my day was. You don’t have to ask.  

  • I woke up before 8 am EST
  • I prayed
  • I posted a blog
  • I mopped the kitchen floor
  • I ate a breakfast of cereal
  • I dusted the living room
  • I washed the throw blankets on the couch and folded two loads of laundry
  • I took a shower
  • Checked on a few family members

ALL BEFORE 1 PM and the entire time I listened to today’s Christian music (so inspiring)


This was a MAJOR accomplishment for me

Today I was completely pain-free. This has not happened in what seems to be months.

As a chronically ill person, one that remains in pain, when you have a good day, it is always in the back of your mind, “what is going to go wrong?”

By 4 pm, Ed’s coffee was ready and by 6 pm his dinner served. Then exhaustion hits.

I was struggling with social media anxiety and shutting down. Sometimes I have to put myself in time out and disconnect from the world, therefore, I decided to go to bed before 7 pm EST.

I woke up at 10:40 pm EST, figuring I would check social media. Ha! Never should I ever. Facebook has become a nightmare with negativity, conspiracy theories, rants, and disrespectfulness. On the other hand, I absolutely have a love relationship with Twitter.

I find the #writingcommunity #bloggers of Twitter to be so inspirational and a positive influence in my life. They are supportive. We all stick together, no matter what the subject matter may be.

By midnight, I was putting away leftovers from dinner, then deciding to enter the “unforbidden” eating frenzy of chocolate ice cream and cupcakes. Okay, the ice cream is lactose-free and low sugar and the cupcakes are gluten-free and minis. I did open a Zero sugar Coke to go along.

I read a few blogs that I follow, which are always quite inspiring. Then I decided to write this one. I needed a break from the world. A break from COVID-19, a break from Facebook, a break from chaos, anxiety, the “what if’s”.

There is so much uncertainty right now in this world we live in. I am really working hard to avoid negativity, continuous anxiousness and the media.

I end with these thoughts

Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, I know I am trying my best.

I know I am being the best person I can be.

I know I am being the best partner, mother, grandmother, and family member I can possibly be during these times.

I am being cautious about my health.

I am doing everything possible to remain positive and not feed into mania.

I am standing firm in my faith and in prayer.

I am refusing to sink.

If this world should end tomorrow, I will go to Heaven, however long the journey is to get there.

Take this time of quarantine and isolation and use it for reflection of self and life. Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself. Make positive changes. Pray. Learn something new.

Please try to stress less, take a walk outside in your yard, listen to music, read a book.

Stay blessed!


What are some of your coping skills or mechanisms during these times?

 Since meditation does not quite work for me and prayer does. When I am not praying or listening to music and I want to zone out. I find these types of “optical illusions” or what you may wish to call them, very calming.

Maybe they will help you as well.


Enjoy, breathe, relax, get lost in the calm




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