Not Today Satan, Not Today


Catastrophic thinking is a type of negative thinking in which the object or event is perceived as being far more threatening, dangerous or insufferable than it really is and will result in the worst possible outcome. e.g. A dog phobia may cause a person with catastrophic thinking to think the dog they encounter will attack them and leave them with permanent facial disfigurement. The person experiences heightened feelings of helplessness and grossly underestimates their ability to cope with the situation.

Catastrophic thinking can be defined as ruminating about irrational, worst-case outcomes. It can increase anxiety and prevent people from taking action in a situation where the action is required. (


As a recovering catastrophic thinker, I am personally finding the Coronavirus hard to deal with. Yes, I am in a panic. I have fought it for over a week. I woke up this morning and I was more anxious than usual. I began to think about how many people could lose their jobs, go without food, lose their homes, lose their family members, even lose their lives.

I do not have the career I used to have, what if my kids lose their jobs? How will I help them? I can’t help them. What if they catch the virus and I cannot visit them in the hospital? What is Ed catches the virus or his family? They are my family as well. How are we going to deal with this? I am not prepared. Why did I not prepare enough?

I do NOT want to think like this. My faith has always been strong. So NOT today Satan, NOT today!


Yesterday we turned off the news and we binge-watched “Band of Brothers” until 2:30 am. That felt nice, so today, let’s have a repeat and add to the list.

Things I am going to do today

  • Pray
  • Turn off the news
  • Walk around the yard
  • Wash the blankets on the couch
  • Fold the clothes
  • Check on my family members
  • Binge watch a few series
  • Maybe bake something
  • Think about a list for tomorrow
  • Listen to music that soothes me

Things I am not going to do

  • Panic
  • Overthink
  • Watch the news
  • Tend to social media
  • Watch the news


What are you doing to overcome the panic?



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