His mysterious ways

His mysterious ways


As I sit here this morning, thinking and pondering, it struck me, life is so wonderful. Among the panic of the coronavirus, the panic in the world, the politics, everything else going wrong, my life is great. I could simply count everything over the last week that has gone wrong, to include the fact that I was taken off of infusions, because I stuck well over 10 times on Thursday (17 to be exact), and we were not able to even hit one vein. My choices for continued rheumatoid arthritis treatments are a port (I refused), trying another oral medication, or trying another injection. I chose to try another oral medication and to trust in God.

Okay, enough of that. This past week was Ed’s follow up for labs and doctor’s appointment. He received another great checkup as far as his bloodwork was concerned. Another visit with absolutely no phlebotomy needed, praise God! This makes a year now, thereabouts!

I Remember When

I remember in 2012 when I was going through a separation and seeing someone who turned out to be a toxic nightmare. I would pray, “God, please give me a man who will be a partner, one who will share my dreams and goals and treat me right. One who will respect me, one who will understand me, one who will allow me to be myself, one who I can grow with”. I prayed for so much more also.

I remember in 2013 when I was so unstable, I remember my breakdown, I remember being in a short-term relationship with a man that treated me like a real lady for the first time, by February of 2014 it was over.

I remember 2014, my life was on a “settling track”, I was content with being content. My health was failing, I hated my job, I knew I had to make the best of everything.

I remember from 2015 through 2016 praying for my marriage to take a turn for the better and my health to do the same.

I remember in 2017 going to church on a regular basis into 2018 and God telling me to “be still”. What should have been a complete disastrous life didn’t break me.

I remember the day in 2018 when the doctors told us my mom didn’t have the night to live through. I remember every long hour those last almost 8 months of standing by my sons’ side, taking care of my mother, while going through a separation and divorce. I remember praying for peace in my life, I remember making the decision to become stronger and to stop taking so many medications and to take on my own mind. I remember my mother taking her final breath as she went to be with the Lord. I remember thinking, what’s next? I remember going back to church, feeling so blessed, not being afraid to stay at home alone, feeling peace, feeling God.

Then there were the new beginnings

I remember the first time I messaged him in September of 2018, out of curiosity about his name!

I remember we talked for a while on Facebook.

I remember our first trip to the mountains in October 2018 and how we never made it because we hit a deer on the way.

I remember our first hike.

I remember building our friendship.

I remember then it was becoming more.

I remember making many mistakes along the way.

I remember being scared of a relationship.

I remember the doubts and fears.

I remember when God spoke to me and said: “you asked for this”.

I remember when I knew I loved him.

I remember when we found out he was sick.

I remember so many things.

Here we are

This morning, I remember the day that I prayed for a man like him, I remember that I prayed for this partner, this man that keeps me in check, this man that loves me, that stands beside me, this man that sets goals with me and follows through, this man that does not make promises he cannot keep, this man that no one knows like I know. This man that I prayed for. This man makes me laugh, he makes my heart smile, he makes my soul happy.

We still have a way to go, but in my heart, I know God has sent me this man, the one that I prayed for.


Thank you, God, I will continue to “be still and be patient”.

Life has a mysterious way of working out

Never stop praying, never stop believing, never stop hoping



There are benefits to being faithful to God

God preserves, protects & guards his faithful.

God promises his faithful.

God blesses his faithful.

God strengthens his faithful.

God guides his faithful.


Just Take A Moment And Remember All Of The Things You Have Overcome And The Joy You Have From Them


What Prayers Has God Answered For You?

How Long Did You Have To Be Still?

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