Chronic Illness Can Destroy Your Life

A friend in need

Help with a GoFundMe Campaign

My friend Kathy is a hardworking designer! For many years she has worked as a kitchen designer and won various awards doing so. She has a love for animals and photography.

Unfortunately, life happens, things change, health issues sneak up on you. When a person sometimes thinks they have their life going in one direction, “POOF”, it goes in another.

For many years, Kathy has passed out at work, while driving, in public places, and while at home. Now, she is to the point where she had to make the biggest and hardest decision of her life! There was no other option but to take a leave of absence from her longtime employment as an established kitchen designer.

Kathy does not have a source of income during this time.She has applied for disability. As anyone who may have gone through or may be going through the disability process, it could take many months or even years for a decision to be reached. Kathy could face denials, appeals and hearings.

She is struggling to make her doctors appointments, meet her co-payments, her monthly medications exceed $1,000 per month!

That’s where WE step in. Her friends.
WE need to give Kathy a hand up. Not only does a physical ailment cause stress, a monetary and financial struggle and lack of medical treatment exacerbates Kathy’s illnesses and also her mental health.

The only time Kathy leaves the house is to go to the doctor and she is 99% unable to drive herself
These are Kathy’s therapy piggies (Birdy & Pebble). They help reduce her anxiety. Kathy also has extreme anxiety!

I’m personally asking for everyone to please help a friend in need.

Kathy suffers from a variety of debilitating illnesses. They are autoimmune illnesses and they are progressive. To name a few: Advanced stag ulcerative colitis (part of her intestines have been removed), Hashimoto’s, Lyme disease, an adrenal tumor (that needs to be removed), chronic pouchitis, , fibromyalgia, POTS, esophagitis, Diabetes, recurring shingles, dental procedures, iron infusions, constant MRI’s.

Due to Kathy’s intestines or lack of, she is not able to absorb vitamins and minerals as she should, this requires special vitamin patches. These too are expensive.

She loses blood internally daily, she is weak, and she has several other abundantly more painful diseases.

She is living is a prison, not of her own doing, without continued proper and ongoing medical treatment, things will only become worse!

The doctor’s and hospitals are now requiring and demanding co-pays and medical diagnostic fees upfront prior to further testing.

If you are not comfortable donating via this GoFundMe, please donate to Kathy via Zelle, gift cards, CashApp or reach out to her directly for her mailing address. You can also just share this post. Every donation will help!

Thank you ALL for your support and love for a friend in need. You never know when this may happen to you, I promise, it’s a very humbling experience.

Please support the

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support

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