Epsom Salt Float Pod/ Epsom Salt Benefits

Well hello there! I am back to share another self-care experience!

Transitions Float Pod/ Epsom Salt Benefits

Magnesium and sulfate ions are released when Epsom salt is dissolved in water. These particles are absorbed through the skin. Both magnesium and sulfates are a great service to the body. With that being said, I am in the process of doing everything possible to relieve my body pain. 


Epsom salt is used for many things



Relief of aches and pains

Laxative (taken by mouth)


Depression, anxiety, stress

Headaches and migraines

Do Not Use If

You have severe burns

Open cuts or wounds

Have diarrhea or vomiting

The Experience

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Epsom Salt Float Pod at Transitions Float RVA. There are two recent blogs about Transitions Float Spa under this blog.

Normally I find taking a bath very hard, simply because I am impatient, and it raises my anxiety. I know it is supposed to relax you. It does not do that for me. To enjoy this experience, I really needed to focus and put myself in the mindset of calmness.

float pod

Float Pod (Not Actual Pod From Transitions)

Rochelle, the spa owner, was extremely helpful. I explained my hesitation. She assured me that I could get out at any time if I began to feel uncomfortable at all. 

Let’s discuss my experience step by step.

The Epsom salt float pod is extremely large. It is filled with approximately 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and 10-12 inches of water. There is a top that can be closed over you. There is an option for a light and music, or you may choose complete quiet and darkness (this is recommended).

float pod3

Before entering the pod, you are given 6 minutes to shower thoroughly. This allows you to remove any products from your skin and hair, you are then free to enter the pod. The float experience lasts for 60 minutes. You float freely, zero gravity. For the very first time in my entire life (44 years), I floated. It was AMAZING. I was able to relax, my skin began to feel smooth, I floated on my back, stomach, side to side.  It wasn’t until 5 minutes before my session was about to end that I became a little stir crazy and removed myself from the pod. I am very proud of myself.

Once you leave the pod, you then take another shower and thoroughly wash your body and hair. The spa provides soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, even deodorants, and combs. This is such a luxury.

The pod temperature adjusts to your body’s temperature. Overall, this experience was terrific. It is very affordable, and the spa offers a variety of monthly membership options. The staff is great, helpful, courteous, and very caring.

float pod1

My experience was spectacular, to say the least. My body and skin felt smooth and great. My headache eased, my muscles felt looser, my anxiety was eased. Everything that Transitions Float Therapy Pod states happened. I am a fan!

I will admit that I do have a membership. Now I have experienced both locations (Glen Allen – Short Pump and Midlothian – Sycamore Square). Both are very comfortable and worth the visit.


If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area, please book a visit with Transitions Float RVA. The Epsom salt float pod is just one of their many services. They also offer a float cabin for those individuals who are taller than 6’2”.


Rochelle & Dan (Owners)

If you are unable to afford a float pod session, you can simply buy a bag of Epsom salt from a reputable company and run a warm tub of water. Soak for 20-40 minutes in it. I have personally added baking soda and essential oils for additional softness to skin and relaxation.




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