Powhatan State Park- Richmond Virginia


Powhatan State Park – Just a Drive Away


Powhatan State Park is located 45 minutes outside of Richmond, Virginia. The park’s grounds offer meeting spaces, nearby attractions, park trail guides, recreation, camping, lodging, picnic shelters, facilities, and meeting spaces. Along with many other attractions. Mainly the James River.

Today was our first day out really for a couple of weeks exploring. I must admit it was a bit eerie at first, but the eeriness is always quite intriguing to me. There is beauty that I find in the creepiness of an empty forest. The thick vinery, leafless trees, the sound of water running, the chill of the winter.

We enjoyed a nice mile-long walk. Although there were not too many things to photograph, some things I did find fascinating and captured a few photos. I have listed them on this page. They are honestly quite a bit blown out; however, if you are anything like I am, you can see the beauty in the madness so to speak.


I am very excited to head back in the spring to see what a difference the new season makes.

The Powhatan Park is roughly 1,565 acres, located in the corner northwest of Powhatan County, directly on the historic James River, established in 2003. The land was transferred from the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. The main goal of establishing the Powhatan Park was to provide state park facilities in central Virginia that allowed both overnight facility use and day-time use.

The trails are estimated at 7.3 miles. The trails can be used for various hikes, horseback riding, walks or biking. The river allows for canoeing and kayaking. Though finishing is permitted (with a license), due to the high bluffs, there are minimal fishing areas. There are 6 campground sites, all being primitive (no electricity), they provide a picnic table, a stove for fire (you must purchase the work), and a slap for your tent.

The newest edition, the “full-service campground”, opened in November of 2016. This campground offers various amenities such as water and electricity, including a bathhouse. There are various picnic shelters.


If you are looking at staying close to central Virginia and you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city or just the regular parks, I highly suggest a walk through the trails, alongside the James River, at Powhatan Park. Take in the sounds of the river flowing, the little streams through the forest/ woods, look around and the various trees and vines, look down at the unusual rocks and enjoy nature.

It was a relaxing time for us to get out today. We saw about 15 deer overall, maybe 2 squirrels, and a few birds. The weather was chilly, I believe in the ’40s.

For more information on Powhatan Park, you can use this link:



Stay Tuned For More of Our “Back Yard” Adventures, as well as the continued Mental Health Series!

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