Maybe Your Best Is Yet To Come


I was looking back through my Facebook memories; it so happened a post popped up from a year or two ago. It was a simple thought, based on a song by Luke Combs, called “She Got The Best Of Me”.

She Got The Best Of Me

The lyrics are very repetitive, none the less, the words “she got the best of me, yeah you get what’s left of me”, continued to resonate with me.

The more I listened to that one phrase, the more I began to genuinely question the truth behind this. My thought, “we do give different pieces throughout each relationship”. Parts we opt to share. What we are comfortable giving.

Did someone in your past make you insecure in some way or another? Your insecurities may be hard to shake, skepticism comes, maybe you were lied to on a consistent basis or cheated on. Self-doubt sets in because you were belittled, called names, degraded.

Maybe none of these things happened and it just did not work out, but we still gave.

These are glimpses into your previous life. Essentially getting broken down into smaller pieces as you gave, your best was not enough for some. Are those left-over fragments truly all you have left?  Frankly, those “leftovers” are what made you who you are today.

You may be perfect for another person, just the way you are!


Maybe no one got the “best of you”. Little by Little we give a piece to each person we share a relationship with, but differently. Much like in life, if you are going to try your best, give it your all, do it in every aspect. Water your gardens, otherwise they are bound to wither away and die.

Doesn’t every relationship deserve your best?

So many unanswered questions, based on a few lyrics from one song!

What’s Left of Me 

Of course, the analytical, literal in me, thought of another song by Nick Lachey, “What’s Left Of Me”.

This song was written as a result of Nick’s divorce from Jessica Simpson. The specific words he spoke were “I’m half the man I thought I would be, you can have all that’s left”. Another point of view, from a man that seems to have learned many lessons from a past relationship, which failed. He didn’t say he gave his best though, he was factually stating, he was only half the man he used to be as a result of his divorce and he wanted to move on and not live in the past.


In the video made for that song, Vanessa Minnillo, played the role of Nick’s new girlfriend. During an interview for the video, Vanessa jokingly expressed, she would gladly take what’s left of him. Little did everyone know how serious she was.

Nick and Vanessa began publicly dating in 2006, broke up briefly in 2009, became engaged in 2010, married 2011. The two have 3 children together and are still going strong. Both attributing the strength of their marriage to Nick learning from his past marriage. Nick did not want to have his “brokenness” be the focal point behind their relationship, nor did he want to build a foundation centered on his past. Overtly the two stated Nick’s past relationship was a subject, their goal was to have their own. Based on their own needs, wants, and beliefs.

Why do I tell this story too? It’s a joyful love story, so far, at least.


There are two different approaches to someone getting “the best of you” and someone taking “what’s left of you.”

What you give is especially vital in a relationship. Relationships are hard work; they are not effortless or unproblematic. It is how willing you are to compromise, communicate, understand, respect and the desire to move forward.

The best of you shouldn’t necessarily belong to anyone, but yourself

Perhaps the best of you is yet to come




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