This Poem was written in 1999 for my step-father. He is a recovering alcoholic. Praise God, sober for 20 years now.


As I walked through the desert without a drop of rain
My heart broken and bleeding, I was in pain
Dreadful the night growing so near, with a panic in my groin and the sense of  fear
The sound of a rattle and the slither of a snake, what was I going through, for goodness sake
As the morning was growing near, I thought I should be fine, all I really need is that last drop of wine
I thought to myself what a shame I must be, the person thinking this could not even be me
Then I felt not so alone as though I had a friend, to pick me up and put me on my feet again
Never hearing their voice or seeing their face, in his eyes I was not such a disgrace
The day went on and I felt lonesome again, I began to realize something about this friend
He would never leave me in my time of doubt, never let me wander alone and about
Always close to me, never far away, guiding me through each and every day
I’d welcomed his time and welcomed his hand, never to question how he arrived on this land
How could I be so selfish? How could I be so blind? Never even to care about this friend of mine
He never asked for my patience or took my last breath, although I was surrounded by the doom of death
He lets me see things I never could see, He sees hope in me
In my times of sorrow and many times of need, feeling as though I haven’t a soul to heed
Blessing me a feeling that I truly feel, I take this time, I must kneel
Giving thanks to this friend who has guided me so, never letting me down, never letting me go
When I am angry, when I am mad, letting me feel the sorrow of sad
His guidance I can now see, I am safe each time he reaches me
As I ask for forgiveness down on my knees, the light I have come to finally see
I know that HIS life is what my friend gave, but not for himself, just for him but for me to be saved

Thank you Jesus! 

©Emmely Byrd 1999

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