The Bridge – (RePost)

(Repost From a 2013/2014 Blog I shut down)

I saw a bridge across the river’s way.

One that wasn’t very sturdy, it looked a little frayed.

Who would ever cross this bridge, of such monstrosity?

Never imagining you would cross, never imagining me.

As I stood in front of it, with fear and such disgust.

Thinking, it’s so damaged, the siding is gone and the nails are nothing but rust.

Various boards are frail and scattered there about.

Others are held tightly and others sticking out.

Any attempts to cross, would be daunting and so very hard.

Much like rebuilding the pieces of a heart, one shattered, now scarred.

I held my breath, said a prayer for peace,  strength and grace,

“Lord help me as I walk slowly, maintaining a steady pace.”

As I journeyed across broken wood,

Questioning each step I take, contemplating if I should.

“God, please give me faith, hope, and guidance to not wander astray,

Keep me safe during this journey the entire way.”

“While I travel this bridge of perplexity

Please teach me patience, comfort my uncertainty.”

Staring from the other side only make it worse.

As anxiety passed away, I realized this bridge was not a curse.

There stood a structure, stretching from one end to another.

For the groundwork laid, the path set out for me,

It was never a broken bridge at all,

There was only a broken me.


©Written by Emmely Byrd 2013

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