That Little Girl

sad girl

That Little Girl

There was a little girl with light blonde hair
She played with her friend, never having a care
When she was ten her entire world changed
She found herself without parents and this new world was so strange
For her parents had chosen a life that was full of danger
She was so young and so full of anger
What would happen to this little girl and her two brothers?
She would have to step up and become a parent, then a young mother
After years of crying, never understanding why God did this to her
She then began to pray trying to find a savior
She knew that the Lord promised not let her down
He would give her strength, grace, faith, a new freedom to be found
She then had a chance to change the lives of her own off spring
Never to leave them or to think of the pain that would bring
This little girl grew up to be a strong woman, although in many ways still a child
Mostly she lived a tamed life, sometimes she was wild
She is half through her life and journey too
Finding her own way in a difficult world, everyday is new
She could have chosen to run from this life of chaos and hell
Instead she stayed strong and I am happy to say she is doing pretty damn well!

©Emmely Byrd 2013

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