Stop For A Moment

      When I look around all I see is hustle and bustle of uncertainty           I ask myself how this can be

                  Why is there so much insanity, shame, and self-doubt?                        What in the world is everyone thinking about?

If they would stop for a moment, take in the sunshine or taste the rain Feel more happiness and let go of the pain

Their energy could be focused on blessings, negativity diffused
Smile a bit, don’t look so confused

Thank God for sight to see and the steps you can take
The air you breathe and the miracles He makes

                        Hear the birds chirping, then smell the flowers                                      Listen to the thunder, see the lightning, during storm showers

Hug your family and friends that you hold dear
Bask in the glory of being alive, let go of your fears

Leave your needs to the Lord and he will see them through
Stop stressing out, there is so much more you can do

Share time with a stranger or spend alone
Light some candles, take a bath, turn off the phone

In this time of reflection don’t forget to be thankful
Put the love back in your heart, stop being so hateful


©Emmely Byrd 2013



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