In The Beginning

The story behind this poem: I was 14 when I gave birth to my first son & 17 when I gave birth to my second son. Their biological father was very abusive, physically, verbally and mentally. When my second son was almost three months old, I finally left the situation. It took me almost five years to gain sole custody of my children and to this day, he is not allowed around any of us, by our choice. They were adopted by my first husband, the adoption is a closed adoption; therefore, the biological father is not even on their birth certificates.


I hope this poem will make sense to you


In The Beginning

If I could walk away from you I would save my life and even two
There is something holding me here, too close to you and it’s the fear
Of one day my life will be taken, because I have only mistaken this feeling to be a feeling of love
Something is stronger, telling me from above, that one day I will become stronger
And this fear of you I feel will be no longer
Until then I can only pray to get safely through each and every day
Just to walk away, that’s all, no one there to take the fall
You only abuse and hurt me, the pain I feel is so blinding I cannot see
Soon I will have awaken from this nightmare and alone I will be without you standing there
When that day comes I will thank the One
Who has rescued me from a life that I’ve only begun

©Emmely Byrd 1993

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