It’s quite an accomplishment when you hit milestones. Sometimes others do not realize what a considerable undertaking it is to an individual that has a distinctive goal in mind.

When Ed and I were discussing the idea of a blog, we honestly had not a clue as what to expect, frankly, we still don’t. Most days I am winging it. I certainly feel that our local trips are of some interest to our followers and our health issues are meaningful to share. I clearly try not to focus on the negatives, we are going to have decent days and unpleasant days, that is a reality. I choose to focus on our decent days and on the unpleasant days we totally take care of one another.

As you know, our objective is to travel across the United States in either a conversion van or an RV. We are a long way from our goal, we dream big, but realistically. We also have a purpose to raise awareness of certain illnesses that presently are affecting us. Those are Polycythemia Vera and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (I would be inclined to stay within the realm of all invisible illnesses, based on my personal medical diagnoses).

To date, we maintain a small merchandise line that may be purchased through and we also have designed silicon bracelets, they may be purchased via this blog. A portion of ALL proceeds will go to research for both illnesses. Teaching hospitals happen to be the greatest resources uncovering fresh information and developing new research studies, we are certainly looking at those to contribute to. Our first choice will be UVA nearest to us in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We would love to hear from folks that are receiving treatment from other teaching hospitals. It would be a pleasure to alternate donations to various hospitals for the benefit of research. I do not anticipate at this point in our journey that we will be contributing hundreds or even thousands, nonetheless, every donation helps support the doctors and scientists progress one step closer to newer versions of treatment or even cures.

Please send us your stories and recommendations!

Now, as far as milestones go, we are a month into our blog. We have alternated local travel and divulged some of our health issues . I did hope to have 500 followers by now. That has not transpired. Our greatest source of support is coming from Ed’s family and a couple of my family members. Honestly, the RV community and the PV/RA communities have accepted us with open arms and they are a prominent support system too. We are very grateful and appreciative of this support!

To date we have 151 followers, this is across all social media sites. In an effort to say ”Thank You” and to also encourage YOU, our followers, to help us spread our journey and awareness goals, we are offering our silicon bracelets at BOGO!!!

Shipping should be minimal, they do not weigh much,

YES, you heard me correctly BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!!!

If you have issues with this site, message me and I will assist you in placing your order. My email is

Initially, we were selling our bracelets for $5.00 each, please keep in mind, at this time we are not profiting from these sales.

If you cannot make a purchase, please share our blog!

Thank you for your support! We are keeping our dreams alive…

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