The Blue Ridge Parkway and Crabtree Falls

Earlier this week we decided to check on the foliage again in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have been tracking the color activity for weeks now. On Twitter and Instagram, I’ve seen very beautiful foliage photographs, from the Parkway and Shenandoah.

Ed and I first ended up at Crabtree Falls, we opted not to take the hike, instead, we went to the lower level falls. I explored the bridge, nearby rocks and wooded areas, as Ed also wandered around to take photos of the falls. It was very peaceful. I truly hope next time we visit, we are both up for the hike.

The actual Crabtree Falls, itself, is in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia, however, it is only 6 miles off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The elevation is 1,670’ with a height of 1,214’, there are 5 drops, the longest drop is 400’ 0”. Crabtree Falls is known to be one of the tallest sets of waterfalls in the United States east of the Mississippi River. Located off of Route 56, in Nelson County, Virginia.

The scenic hike view of the falls is roughly a 2.5-mile trail loop. This could take from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, dependant upon your hiking abilities. Overall the view from the lower falls was still relatively nice.

Crabtree Falls (View from lower level)

Next, as we set off on our journey to explore the best views to capture foliage photographs on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the sun is shining extremely bright and the weather is absolutely stunning.

The green is beginning to turn to yellow and the yellow to orange, there is really minimal red. The minimal green left is on the pine trees. Glancing around, everything else is pretty much bare. As we are stopping at the overlooks, it becomes very difficult to obtain the very best snapshots that will do any type of justice to the colors there. Mass amounts of weeds have grown-up, blocking the best views. We walked up a hill in attempts to capture reasonable photos.

Honestly, I found it even difficult to catch the vibrancy of the foliage changes with my camera (which happens to be my iPhone), generally, it takes really great photos.

One of my favorite views and places to always stop in is Ravens Roost and 20-Minute Cliff. Of course, I always have to take pictures of Ed doing what he does best (climbing the rocks, mountains and taking photos), as I hold my breath until he comes back to level land. That’s just me though, I’m always worried that there will be an earthquake or a rock slide or something catastrophic will take place and I will have to live without him. Sorry, probably too much information there, my fears are real folks…….

Ed out on the edge of the cliffs!
One of the very best overlook views

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the rest of the fall brings to these areas and most definitely the winter months ahead. I’m sure we will have a remarkable experience.

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