Food for thought…. Williamsburg Virginia

This past week was very uneventful, we were headed for Mabry Mills and due to the dreary weather that ended up being a total bust. That was Monday. On Tuesday, late day, we headed for the Williamsburg Outlets, in hopes of some fall/ winter shopping. That was very unsuccessful. No worries though, only after almost 2 hours of trying to figure out where to eat and several mentions (by me) of ”Food For Thought”, yes we ended up there.

I was SO impressed with the gluten free menu! They had over 40 items! This is actually a dream come true for someone that is gluten intolerant and it does not even include the desert menu.

I ordered the “Wild Art Gluten Free Pasta”, this was an excellent choice. It was a penne pasta with a wild blend of mushrooms, artichoke hearts, in a creamy slightly spicy cream sauce, there were a few small tomatoes. It was perfection.

Ed ordered the pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy and creamed spinach. We even saved room for desert. Ed ordered the creme brûlée and I ordered the gluten free chocolate torte with vanilla bean ice cream.

Needless to say the entire meal was very satisfying and very affordable, even with a spirit!

The theme of this restaurant is simply inventors, scientists, social leaders. The thought provoking walls display quotes and on the tables there are different cards relating to court cases and bizarre legal facts that you would never think to research.

This restaurant is definitely one that you mustn’t pass up. I was most pleased by the wait staff as well. The accuracy, the speed, the courtesy and the absolute friendliness was astounding. Our waiter was Andre. We have NEVER encountered a wait staff so speedy.

If you are ever in Williamsburg, Virginia, please, drop by “Food For Thought”, it is located on Richmond Road.

”Food For Thought”, was even featured in People magazine!

Food for Thought
                        The decor features inventors, scientists and social leaders you can discuss while slicing into the Country Fried Steak & Mushroom Benedict: grassfed filet mignon, mushrooms, tomato, a poached egg and hollandaise sauc

If you decide to visit ”Food For Thought”, please let us know what you think.

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