Westmoreland State Park and Wakefield Virginia

We decided to get out on Monday and Tuesday (since these are Ed’s only true days off), we ended up driving to Westmoreland State Park and Wakefied, Virginia. These areas are rich in history, from the Washington’s to the Lee’s. The beaches were quiet and the sand was smooth. The weather simply perfect, except for a few showers on Monday, but who cares, there was too much magic in the air.

Wow, what a truly beautiful place! We began Monday by exploring Popes Creek, the birthplace of George Washington. I tell you. My head was spinning from the sites. The soybean fields layered up to the color changing trees to the bright sky, taking my breath away. I looked around so many times and thought “thank you God for these blessings, thank you for this time here, thank you for the beauty I have witnessed “. Ed was shark tooth hunting, oh boy, he found several, some so tiny they could fit on the tip of an eraser head. I found half of a sharks tooth on Tuesday. At this point I am claiming Ed is a professional shark tooth hunter, haha. How he finds them amongst the shells and rocks, while the waves are coming in and out is beyond me. We saw a blue herring, a bald eagle, plenty of squirrels, we checked out all three campground sites at Westmoreland State Park and we even hiked down to Fossil Beach both days. I am pretty sure we both took a few good photos on both days.

Wakefield is less than two hours from where we live, the world there is an entirely different place! I would highly recommend anyone passing through the area, stop and enjoy all of the beauty and history it has offer. The Potomac River runs the entire distance.

I have never felt calmer or more at peace in my life…. I’m sure meditating or yoga would be an added benefit, butttttt, I don’t think these parts know what that is yet!

If you want to enjoy seafood while you are in the area, I hear that Randolph’s is pretty good.

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