A Mindset or a Mind is Set?

There is a difference between a mindset and a mind being set, but do some even fully understand the difference? What brought me to this subject was the simple thoughts of last year alone. It was in January of 2018 and my mom was in the hospital, we were told she would not live more than 24 hours. We were given the option to leave her at the hospital to pass away through the night in hospice care or to take her home, to my son’s house, and enter her into hospice care there. We chose the latter of the two options. My mindset at that time was that she was not ready to pass, we still had time left with her, that was my gut feeling and I had strong faith, as did my son that this was the best decision. You see, the nurse’s and doctors’ mindset was that mom would pass through the night, all of this was based on her stats, therefore they had already made up their minds that she was not going to live and nothing else could be done.

That night once mom was home, we sang to her, we talked to her, we played some of her favorite gospel and Christian music. Suddenly something miraculous happened, she woke up, she began to move and sing and dance with her upper body. It was amazing. We prayed over her throughout the night and the coming days and continued to watch her come back to life for a while.

Having our gut feeling and faith-based mindset allowed my mom to be with us for almost an additional eight months. During that time we were able to experience some of the best and worst time with her, from caregiving to laughing to her taking her final breath.

The mindset that I established during that time when the doctors gave us dreadful news and we decided to hang on, is the same mindset that has given me hope and strength throughout the past year as I have faced the loss of my mom and many other trials.

I firmly believe that our circumstances should not determine Our successes or failures. If we maintain an automatic mindset and belief that our circumstances dEfine us, we are surely to be let down and live in a state of disappointment. Having a mindset knowing that there are ups and downs in life is realistic. So far you have gotten through the worst days and came out on top. If you have Come this far you are accomplishing and achieving a great deal, be proud. If you make the choice to set your mind , let it be on a positive mindset!

A mindset is made up of a mental attitude, a set of beliefs that one has, it can be based on determination, predetermined responses or interpretations of a person’s behavior, the mindset can be faith-based or fact based. A mindset or setting your mind is all up to you individually.


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